March 25, 2023

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Tebanhi Escobar | Juan David Guiller: The taxi driver gave new details and revealed why Dipanhi got out of the car angrily | New Lyon | Mexico | Motel Nueva Castilla | The world

The demise and death of youth Is still a mystery. The 18-year-old girl went missing after leaving a party early on April 9, and thirteen days later her lifeless body was found in a tank at the Nueva Castilla Motel in Nuevo Lyon, Mexico.

This weekend, The last taxi driver to see her was Juan David Guiller, She told more details about what happened that morning, and when recorded on security cameras, Debenhi got out of her vehicle after her friends picked her up to take her home.

Mira: Deborah Escobar was still “alive” when she fell into the tank, but there is no video of that moment, the Nuevo Leone attorney’s office says.

According to the portal The taxi driver agreed Tebanhi And their friends requested their services through the application. However he said so The first destination they went to on the night of April 8 was not the fifth diamond In Escobedo Municipality, a party was held which they attended before disappearing His first stop was in San Nicols de las CarsaBut when she arrived she realized it was too late, the party was already over and the friend who called her did not answer.

During the trip to San Nicols de las Carsa, Quiller said Dipanhi traveled in the front seat and his friends Sarahi and Ivon traveled in the back seat. Coming to the party They were picked up by a group of young people who made it look like it was already over, which is why they were told to move to Escobedo Municipality..

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Taxi driver Juan David Gullar described what happened when the young Debenhi Escobar was picked up for a few minutes on the night of April 9th.

The taxi driver also said One of Tebanhi’s friends asked for his phone number At the end of the party at Quinta Diamante. Thus said Juan David Gullar At 4 a.m. he returned in search of the young woman.

The driver recalled after getting in the car. Debanhi told him: “Go ahead, go up, go up. It starts, it starts “.

Mira: “Until they prove otherwise, I still think my daughter was killed,” said Debenhi Escobar’s father.

After advancing a section, குல்லார் Pointed out that young people Told to stop a few meters ahead Of the fifth diamond, Then she started cryingDescribed in an interview N + Monterrey.

When Guellar’s car was parked, Guellar’s friends Tebanhi They went in another car. She sees them passing, and that’s when She starts to say that I brought her to the party and I say to her: ‘No friend, I did not bring you to the party, I work’.John David promised.

She turned angrily as if I had done something to her at the party. Because she mentioned a lot that I was with her at the party. I think he was confused. “He added.

Then step குல்லார்Debenhi asked him to leave her in another quinta in the same block, to which he agreed, according to his reports, He believed that nothing would happen to him because there were people near the place. But then the young woman again asked him to leave her somewhere else, but the taxi driver refused.

I tell her: ‘No, not my friend, because it’s a mountain and it’s very dangerous. I can not leave you there ”Gullar said.

After that, Tebanhi She agreed to take him home, the taxi driver said.

But when he went to his house, according to the driver Tebanhi Escobar He told her to stop and got out of the car. I waited to see if the young woman would change her mind and decide to continue the journey, but the taxi driver says it did not happen.

The last photo of Debanhi Escobar is said to have been taken by the driver who was looking for her at the party to take her home (credit: Instagram/@debanhi.escobar).
The last photo of Debanhi Escobar is said to have been taken by the driver who was looking for her at the party to take her home (credit: Instagram/@debanhi.escobar).

I turned to look at her and thought she was going to vomit. I pull up, she opens the lock and she comes out. It goes on the side of the road (…) I was there for a minute and then I saw him jump on the median. I paused for about three minutes to see if she was sorry, but I walk away seeing that there is no reaction from her”, He explained.

The taxi driver, however, denied the allegations.