May 29, 2023

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Tebanhi Escobar | Nuevo Leன்n: The mystery surrounding the death of a young girl in Mexico | Motel Nueva Castilla | Description | EC stories | The world

Mistakes, errors, dismissed lawyers, video leaks from security cameras, an excellent media coverage and still unresolved questions are all part of the elements surrounding the still unexplained death. His body was found on April 21 in Nuevo Le (n (Mexico) in a motel tank more than 4 meters deep.

Your closet April 8 between Friday night and the next morning Escobar kept the family in suspense for almost two weeksIt has condemned the abuses during the investigation process to clarify what happened to Debenhi.

Mira: “Debenhi Escobar ran into the motel”: they finally present the videos of the young woman being captured alive

Faced with questions about the actions of the authorities, Father Mario Escobar said he would carry out an expert opinion and independent forensic analysis on his own account and on his own resources to clarify what happened to his 18-year-old. – Compare with the official results for the aging daughter, and contradictions.

Debenhi would have argued with other subjects. (Photo: Instagram: @ debanhi.escobar / Millennium).

What happened to Tebanhi?

It all started on Friday night, April 8th. that day, Debenhi went to the party with two friends: Sarah and Ivon. According to their testimony at the attorney’s office, it was obtained by a Mexican newspaper GlobalThe two arrived at Tepanhi’s home at 10:47 pm, from where they drove to a shop located in San Nicols de las Corso, which makes up the Montreal metropolitan area.

Mira: “My parents deserve the truth”: Taxi driver reveals audio of what he allegedly said before Deborah Escobar disappeared

Then they went to the place of participation In games where they drink alcohol, According to the testimony. Two hours later, the trio ordered a ride through the electronic platform. That’s how they arrived at Quinta El Diamante on April 9 at 1:30 am, where they continued their feast. All three friends had the driver’s number if they had to go later.

Mira: Why did Dipanhi Escobar run away when he entered the motel? The prosecutor’s office says no one chased her

An hour later, a camera nearby Fifth The Diamond DePanhi recorded the moment he fled the scene, apparently after an argument. At 2:45 p.m., a young man behind her tried to stop her, but she threw a punch and avoided him. Later, another group approached and told a friend of hers that she had decided to send her home because she was “uncontrollable” because she was intoxicated.

Since her body was found, many women have been involved in the struggle for justice.  (Photo: Julio Cesar AGUILAR / AFP).
Since her body was found, many women have been involved in the struggle for justice. (Photo: Julio Cesar AGUILAR / AFP).

What happened in the car?

After a while, Sarah and Ivon call Juan David Guller againLeaving them at the party, the driver returned to the scene at 3:45 a.m., at which point, the two ask Queller to take Debani home.

The young woman got into the vehicle and, according to several witnesses, came out a few minutes later for reasons not yet clear. According to Kuller, the young woman wanted to return to the party. But then he denied some of the allegations Who pointed him out for rubbing her inside the vehicleAccording to Mario Escobar, she would have made her way out in her own way.

Mira: Debanhi Escobar: Reveal the pictures inside the taxi that took the young woman | Video

After landing just after 4am, the driver took the last photo of Dipanhi alive, contacting his friends to let them know that the young woman had left. The picture shows the young woman on the edge On the Laredo-Monterrey Highway (In Escopedo municipality), cross sleeves, long hair, a bag, a white top, a long skirt and converse shoes.

Did Debenhi flee?

What happens next is even more confusing. According to security camera footage, at 4:29 a.m. that Saturday, the young woman was wandering alone on a highway, initially approaching a transportation company called Alcoza. For a few minutes he went on his way And drove towards the Motel Nuevo Castilla. Security cameras show her. Runs towards that place.

Mira: Deborah Escobar: These are the last moments of a young woman’s life, according to videos shown by the prosecutor’s office.

Debenhi rushed to a restaurant that is part of the motel. Although the cameras did not catch anyone else, it was not yet clear if she was fleeing. Then he looks through one of the restaurant windows and it doesn’t work. There is a garden at the back of this place where there is a pond and three pits at a depth of 4.3 meters act as a tank.

Then, at 4:56 p.m., Debanhi walked in the direction of those tanks Then until April 21st nothing was asked of her. Although the judicial case was investigated as a female slavery, no hypothesis was rejected.S, authorities are trying to prove that she may have accidentally fallen into the reservoir, which raises the Escobar family question.

The body of a woman was found in the motel with the clothes and cross of Debenhi Escobar.  (Photo: Instagram / El Universal).
The body of a woman was found in the motel with the clothes and cross of Debenhi Escobar. (Photo: Instagram / El Universal).

When was the body found?

According to the prosecutor’s office, on April 21, when the body was found, staff at the scene reported a foul odor in the area of ​​the reservoir. An autopsy by authorities confirmed that his body was in a decomposing state the next day, that is, it was in the embryonic stage. It was five days to two weeks before he diedAnd presented various injuries, from which it was concluded that Debenhi had died from a blow to the front of the head.

His body was found in the first pit, his tennis shoes, his bag recovered with some items; In the second pit, a lighter, a key, his cellphone, a small bag and a plastic container. The prosecutor’s office guarantees that the young woman remained there until she fell into the well alive and died.

Nevertheless, Attorney Guerrero reiterated that “no investigation has been dismissed, including murder committed by an organized crime.”

The truth is, Gustavo Adolfo Guerrero, Attorney General of Nuevo Leon, Mexico, The Special Advocate for Missing Persons and the Anti-Trafficking Attorney were fired this week.Who led the case, due to serious “mistakes and errors” in the investigation.

Irregularities in the Debenhi case

“Due to mistakes and errors, the decision to remove Rodolfo Salinas, special counsel for the missing, and Javier Caballero, anti-kidnapping lawyer, was taken with great vigor,” Guerrero said.

Search teams investigating the case will review the motel four times, while removing the body from inside a reservoir located in a corner of the building’s inner courtyard. Days later. Doubts have been raised as to whether the body has been there since the last 9th.

However, in the last few hours, local media in Mexico have circulated a new video released by the Nuevo Leon attorney’s office, questioning the alleged version of the accident.

The last photo of Debanhi Escobar is said to have been taken by the driver who was looking for her at the party to take her home (credit: Instagram/@debanhi.escobar).
The last photo of Debanhi Escobar is said to have been taken by the driver who was looking for her at the party to take her home (credit: Instagram/@debanhi.escobar).

In this new area, a motel camera shows a car parked in front of the restaurant at 5:47 am, with someone getting on it. Speaking to reporters, Special Advocate for Female Homicide Chrysalta Nunes said she was now studying. The person who got into that vehicle may have been a DepanhiIndicating that she may have left the place alive.

In various reports to the media, Mario Escobar has insisted that the authorities did not provide him with enough information about what happened to his daughter. He promises that his daughter will be “planted” in the found pot. Except, She recently denied receiving threats The death of those who wanted to silence him for wanting to discover the truth of what had happened.

Escobar has strongly questioned the government for leaking the videos In which his daughter is found in the hours leading up to her disappearance, which is an important part of the source material. The father promises that this leak will revive his daughter.

Tepanhi’s case is one of hundreds of cases MexicoThe actions of the said prosecutor’s office have raised questions about the increase in crimes against missing persons and women in a country where the government admits to more murders. 10 women a day and more than 99,000 are missing. In addition, in 2021 they added more than 1,000 female homicides and gender-based crimes. So far this year, at least thirty women in the state of Nuevo Leone have recorded countless missing waves.

Valeria Moscoso, an expert in work and psychology support, spoke to AFP. Indicates the fact that the Debon caseI maintain a general shape Disappearance and death of women in Mexico: “The negligence of the authorities, the complicity, the lack of investigative capacity, the blaming of the victims, the criminalization of the families and the impunity of the occupiers,” he describes.

The fact is that the authorities have an obligation to answer many more questions. Why did prosecutors search four times in the motel and not find Debenhi? Why did the prosecutor’s office decide to filter the testimonial videos, as the Escobar family condemns? And, above all: how did Debenhi really die?

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