May 29, 2023

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Texas Shooting Live | Salvador Ramos | உவால்டே | Joe Biden: “When are we going to stand up to the gun lobby?” | USA | Rob Elementary School | The world

President of Joe Biden, in a speech to the nation this Tuesday, asked himself when his country would stand in front of the “lobby” of weapons, after the deaths of 18 minors in an elementary school shooting. .

Mira: The Great Alternative: What does the racist ideology that sows death in America and fascinate the far right say?

“As a nation, whenever we are going to stand up to gun propagandists in the name of God, we are going to do deeply what we have to do in the name of God,” Biden said in a speech. The White House after the massacre in Wolde, Texas.

In his speech, Biden recalled that a school shooting in the United States was the second largest in a decade and that 26 people had died, including 21 children, at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut ten years ago.

Biden regretted recalling such an episode, noting that there had been 900 shootings with guns in schools across the country in 2018, including 17 deaths at Barcland High School.

“I’m tired. We have to act. We all know what to do,” the president insisted, visually impaired, sending a message back to his country’s legislators to regulate gun control.

He wondered why Americans still had to live with these “butcher shops” and why this was the only country where such killings took place.

He also stressed the need to “turn pain into action” and “have the courage” to confront pressure groups in favor of weapons. “We need to make it clear to every parent, to every citizen of this country, to every elected official in the United States that it is time to act,” he reiterated.

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