May 30, 2023

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Texas shooting | Salvador Ramos | A student from the classroom of the Texas Massacre described how he survived and told details of the shooting: “He went inside and said, ‘It’s time to die!'” | USA | உவால்டே | The world

Some of the children who survived the massacre An 18-year-old boy at Rob Elementary School told local media about the horror they experienced when 19 children and two female teachers were killed in a recent shooting. A city of 16,000 people living near the border with Mexico.

Mira: Who was the teacher Eva Mirelus who was killed during the Texas Elementary School shooting?

“We were scared and the teacher told us we could pray,” said 8-year-old Timothy Silva. CBS News.

The second-grade boy in the next room, his teacher, responded quickly and told them to close the door and hide them. “He started screaming, I don’t think it was an exercise because they would have announced it,” he added.

On Wednesday, May 25, 2022, flowers were placed around the reception board outside Rob Elementary School in Wolverhampton, Texas. (J. C. Hong / AB)

Silva’s mother, Amberlin Diaz, waited anxiously for 40 minutes to find out that her son was safe. “The shooter was shooting everywhere. I thought he was going to go through one of the walls and shoot him. I was so scared,” she said.

“I’m glad they did not shoot me,” Silva said.

“It’s time to die!”

For his part, one of the fourth graders, Salvador Ramos, shared the painful details of the moment he entered his classroom and told the frightened students: “It’s time to die!”

Said the student KENS 5 He and four classmates hid under a tablecloth, then the frantic assailant smashed another door and entered.

“When I heard gunshots through the door, I told my friend to hide something so he wouldn’t find us,” he said. “I hid not to talk to my friend just because he was going to listen to us.

“[El agresor] He came in, bowed a little, and continued the story, “It’s time to die!”

A woman cries during an awareness campaign for victims of the May 25, 2022 shooting at Rob Elementary School in Wolverhampton, Texas.  (Allison Dinner / AFP)
A woman cries during an awareness campaign for victims of the May 25, 2022 shooting at Rob Elementary School in Wolverhampton, Texas. (Allison Dinner / AFP)

“When the police arrived, the officer said, ‘Shout if you need help! And one of my classmates said,’ Help! ‘ “The boy heard, came in and shot him. The policeman entered the classroom. The boy [Ramos] Shot the policeman. More police began firing.

The fourth-grader described how he and the others came out of hiding after the horrific attack, which may have prevented Ramos from seeing him. “I ran the cloth and pulled my hand out. I went out with my friend. I knew it was the police. I saw the armor and the shield,” he explained.

The boy also identified the murdered teachers as Irma Garcia and Eva Mirels. “They were good teachers. My comrades stood in front to help them. To save them, ”he said, adding that talking to his family and a counselor about the horror helped him cope with the shock.

“I want to say that all children and their parents are safe,” he concluded.

The account of the youth who escaped after the attack revealed that the attacker had spent more than 40 minutes inside the school, and witnesses vigorously urged police to enter the building. Ramos restrained himself before firing on students and teachers in the classroom.

Local police, state police and 80 Border Patrol agents responded to the scene, where CBP agents finally entered the gate within 40 minutes and an hour, when an employee handed them the keys.

According to the customs and border security officer, four of the 80 border guards entered the building and killed Ramos.

US Border Patrol chief Raul Ortiz told CNN on Wednesday that “they did not hesitate” when border guards arrived.

Tragedy and anger

The worst massacre at a school in the country in a decade has shaken the peaceful city and plunged it into a mixture of incomprehensibility and anger.

“Now I’m depressed,” Ryan Ramirez told reporters during an awareness campaign for victims.

“She is a true artist and aspires to be proud,” Ramirez said through a portfolio of Alicia’s colorful paintings.

“There are no words for this kind of situation. We try to speak with our action, with our presence, with our support, with our prayers,” said Matthew de Leon, pastor of Ulveda. CBS News. “We are ready to help them immediately with grief counseling, financial assistance, housing they need or any other assistance.”

This tragedy raises anger and questions about how to control the arms trade in the country, which is a control that can prevent this massacre.

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