March 29, 2023

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Texas shooting | Salvador Ramos | “He should have killed me”: Salvador Ramos’ father, the killer of an elementary school in Texas, breaks the silence | USA | Story | Stories EC | The world

Father of – An 18-year-old man who murdered 21 people, including 19 children, at an elementary school last Tuesday , -, apologized for the crime his son had committed. “Should have killed me“, He said.

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In an interview with The Daily Beast, Salvador Ramos Said “People need to know that I’m sorry. Sorry for what my son did. I never expected him to do this”.

Salvador Ramos, 42, admitted that he did not spend much time with his son, also known as Salvador, because he loved Wolde and The. International spread .

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Because Salvador’s mother (father) had cancer, he was not at risk of contracting For her. But for Salvador Jr., the precautions his father had taken with the infection were frustrating, and he refused to talk to him for a month.

I will never see my son again

I will never see my son again“, Lament. Salvador Jr. was killed about an hour after entering the school.

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He should have killed me, without doing as he did to someone.”.

Salvador Jr. is also a Bad relationship with his mother And dropped out of school before completing his studies this year.

Ramos Sr., who has lived with his girlfriend for many years east of Wolde, his son “A good man”. Although former school and co-workers described Ramos as aggressive, his father said the boy dropped out of school.Because they tortured him because of his dress code. He was quiet and kept everything to himself. It did not bother anyone. People always teased him”.

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