May 29, 2023

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Texas shooting | Salvador Ramos | Victims of Texas shootings: ‘He’s the sweetest guy I’ve ever met’ | உவால்டே | USA | Description | EC stories | The world

They were in the same classroom then .

Nineteen children and two teachers have been killed in an unprecedented shooting at an American primary school. Sandy Hooke, in Connecticut, a decade ago.

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A family lost two women. The girl was shot while trying to call 911.

Police have identified the attacker Salvador Ramos, Who was killed at the scene of the crime. Half an hour before the young man executed his plan, he posted on Facebook that he would shoot his grandmother and was on his way to a school.

Rob Elementary School in Wolverhampton, Texas Tuesday turned out to be one of the worst nightmares a family could have imagined.

“The sweetest guy I’ve ever met”

Some parents were at Rob Elementary School just hours before the shooting, and were proud to see their children hold their honors list at the awards ceremony. After a few hours, they had to return.

8-year-old Uzziah Garcia was one of the victims in a shooting in Texas. (Facebook).

American Joe Corsa She was one of the first women to be confirmed dead. Just two weeks ago he celebrated his tenth birthday. His grandmother, Berlin Irene Ariola, told the American digital newspaper The Daily Beast that he was shot when he tried to call emergency services.

He added that Ameri was “super outgoing” and “much loved by teachers”.

Meanwhile, a family member wrote on Facebook: “Please do not take a moment for granted. Hug your family. Tell them you love them.”

Xavier Javier Lopez.

“I was a loving 10-year-old boy who was enjoying life without knowing that this tragedy was going to happen today,” he said.

“He was so happy, he wanted to dance with his brothers and his mother. It affected all of us.”

Uzziah Garcia, At age 8, he was described by his grandfather, Manny Renfro, as “the sweetest child I’ve ever met”.

Renfro recalls the last time he saw his grandson during the school holidays, when they were practicing football together.

“He’s a very fast guy, he can catch the ball well,” his grandfather said. “There were some plays I did that he would memorize and play just like we practiced.”

“Bad dream”

Eva MirrorsThe 44-year-old first teacher was confirmed dead. Trained in bilingualism and special education, he has been teaching fourth graders in the Wolde School district for 17 years.

In a short autobiography published on the school district’s website, he wrote about his passion for running and hiking. She also mentioned that she has an “understanding, fun and loving family” with her husband, her graduate daughter and “three furry friends”.

According to media reports, Mireles’ husband, Ruben Ruiz, a police officer from the same school district, was involved in a fake shooting at Uvalde High School. Two months ago.

Her aunt Lydia Martinez expressed her anguish in a post on Delcado Facebook, saying “I am angry that this shooting will continue.” “It’s unimaginable … a bad dream,” said her cousin, Christina Arismendi Mireles.

Meanwhile, a heartbroken father paid tribute to Mirelus on Twitter.

The second teacher killed in the attack Irma Garcia, 46, has been teaching at Rob Elementary School for 23 years. In 2019 he was nominated for Best Teacher of the Year for his school district. He and Mirels worked together for five years.

Irma Garcia.
Irma Garcia.

Married for 24 years and a mother of four, she loved playing barbecue with her husband and listening to music.

Said a friend of law enforcement who was at the scene He saw his mother protecting his students The American network NBC reported when the gunman opened fire.

Another family member, her son-in-law John, wrote on social media: “My aunt did not do that. She sacrificed herself to protect the children in her class.”

“Her name is Irma Kharkaya and she died a heroine. She was loved by many and she will be greatly missed. “


The identities of other victims have been reported by family and friends on social networks. The official list has not yet been released.

  • His uncle Christopher Salazar confirmed the death of Jose Flores.
Jose Flores, 10 years old.  (Facebook / Christopher Salazar).
Jose Flores, 10 years old. (Facebook / Christopher Salazar).
  • Sister of Des Mary Mata Deleted her on Twitter. “You are so deeply loved by my beautiful angel.”
  • Aunt of Rogelio Torres, 10, said: “We are devastated and heartbroken.” “He was a very intelligent, hard-working and helpful person.”
Rogelio Torres.  (Facebook).
Rogelio Torres. (Facebook).
  • Family and friends Alexandria “Lexi” Rubio They shared their grief over the death of the girl on social media.
  • Father of Ellie Garcia He told his 10-year-old daughter, “A toy and the happiest of them all.”
Ellie Garcia.  (Facebook).
Ellie Garcia. (Facebook).
  • Elijah Cruz Another of the victims. Her grandfather told the ABC that her granddaughter was “a beautiful little girl with a lot of energy.”
Elijah Cruz.  (Facebook).
Elijah Cruz. (Facebook).
  • First Nave Bravo Thank you for all the prayers. “It simply came to our notice then. He flies with angels. “
Neve Bravo.  (Facebook).
Neve Bravo. (Facebook).
  • Annabelle Rodriguez He died with his cousin Jackie Caesars. Girls friends and classmates.
Annabelle Rodriguez.  (Facebook).
Annabelle Rodriguez. (Facebook).
  • Death Jayce Luanos, 10 years old was confirmed by relatives. “I still can not believe we will never see you again,” her aunt wrote on Facebook.
Jayce Luanos.  (Facebook).
Jayce Luanos. (Facebook).
  • Relatives Alexandria Ania “Lexi” Rubio His death has been confirmed on social media. Her cousin described her as “the brightest light in everyone’s life”.
  • Jaila Nicole Silcro, 11, died with his cousin Jayce Luanos. His mother wrote in her Facebook post that she was heartbroken. “Fly high girl.”
Jaila Nicole Silcro.  (Facebook).
Jaila Nicole Silcro. (Facebook).
  • Sister of Magna Lee Elrod He wrote on Twitter: “My little sister was finally found in a classroom.” “I beg you to hug your loved ones”
Magna Lee Elrod, age 10. (Facebook).
Magna Lee Elrod, age 10. (Facebook).
Might Rodriguez.  (Facebook).
Might Rodriguez. (Facebook).
  • Jackie Caesares He died with his cousin Annabelle Rodriguez. I was in fourth grade. He made his first reunion two weeks ago.
Jackie Caesares.  (Facebook).
Jackie Caesares. (Facebook).
  • Father of Alitia Ramirez He was actively searched before his daughter’s death was announced.
Alitia Ramirez.  (Facebook).
Alitia Ramirez. (Facebook).

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