June 3, 2023

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Texas shooting | Salvador Ramos | With a bullying victim and an addicted mother: This is the life of Salvador Ramos who attacked an elementary school in Texas | USA | Description | EC stories | The world

18 who was Tuesday Before he was shot, he did not have an easy life.

Although his motives for the assassination are not yet known, The Washington Post spoke to some of his former friends. One of them was Santos Valdes, who went with him Ramos In elementary school. Waltz claims to have used Fortnight and Call of Duty to play with Ramos, But it suddenly began to change. After seeing him with cuts all over his face, Ramos admitted to cutting himself with a knife “for fun”.

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At school, His stuttering and loud screams made Ramos, an American citizen, a victim of torture.

“They persecuted him so much,” he said. Stephen Garcia, who was considered Ramos’ best friend in eighth grade, told the Post. “He’s a very nice, shy kid.”

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one day, Ramos posted a photo of himself with a black eyelinerIt pointed out to him with derogatory words that he was gay.

Ramos left Wolde High School and started wearing black. Like Emo she also grew her hair long.

Valdes said a year ago, Ramos posted photos of the self-propelled guns as his “wishlist” on social media.. A few days before the massacre, he uploaded photos of two guns he had bought for his 18th birthday, one of which was at the school where the young man was attacked.

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Salvador Ramos uploaded a photo of his gun on Instagram.

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According to a post on Instagram quoting Ramos’ high school classmate Nadia Reyes He released videos of him confronting his mother very aggressively.

Ruben is a neighbor of the Flores family RamosHe told the Post that at the time he was trying to be the father figure of the young man Problems he had at home with his mother who used drugs.

Finally, RamosTurns 18 on May 16, according to ABC News Grandpa moved to live with Grandma. In recent years, his friends have become increasingly estranged from him due to his violent reactions to those close to him and strangers.

Rolando Reyes, 72, and grandfather RamosHe promised the news network He did not know that his grandson had bought two AR-15 rifles or kept them in his house.

A Texas State Trooper places flowers at the base of the Rob Elementary School sign.  (EFE / EPA / AARON M. SPRECHER).
A Texas State Trooper places flowers at the base of the Rob Elementary School sign. (EFE / EPA / AARON M. SPRECHER).

He said he would have handed it over if he had known. Reyes has a criminal record so there can be no guns in his house.

According to Reyes, On Tuesday morning, just before the shooting, he saw nothing unusual predicting what was going to happen. According to him, the suspect was involved in a minor argument with the grandmother over the phone bill.

However, Ramos shot his grandmother in the forehead before going to school to commit his murder. The woman was admitted to the hospital and underwent surgery today.

Said Reyes RamosHe was staying in one of the rooms of his grandparents’ house, where he slept on a mattress on the floor. He does not know how to drive and does not have a license. So, he does not know how the grandson went to the place where he bought the weapons and trained with them.

The reason for not knowing how to drive can be explained Ramos crashed into a school vehicle, locked himself in a room and killed children and teachers there.