May 30, 2023

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Texas | St. Anthony | They found the trailer that killed 46 dead immigrants and 16 injured in the United States | The world

Authorities confirmed Monday that 46 people were killed and 16 wounded inside a truck trailer parked on the outskirts of San Antonio on the Texas border () With Mexico.

Although authorities did not specify the nationality of the dead or the number of minors traveling in the vehicle, Ron Niranberg, Mayor of San Antonio, confirmed that the victims were immigrants who had crossed the border between Mexico and the United States.

Mira: Unpublished footage shows armed police officers waiting on the sidewalk of a Texas school during a shooting that killed 21 people.

“It simply came to our notice then. 46 people were running a family and looking forward to a good life.Niranberg said during a news conference on Friday night that the arrest of three people involved in the incident had been confirmed.

Police are working at the spot where the bodies of the migrants were found. (AP Photo / Eric Kay)

They said 16 people in need of medical help, including children, were suffering from asthma and dehydration.

The mayor linked the event to human trafficking networks operating across the border He also believes that “those responsible for inhumane treatment of these people will be punished.”

The first alarm call came at six o’clock in the eveningLocal time, from A worker in the area heard screams for help Walked in to see what was happening, San Antonio Police Chief William McManus confirmed.

Although officials have been brief on the details of the incident, The local newspaper The Texas Tribune explained that the men who allegedly jumped from the truck were also around the vehicle. The trailer contained spices and meat preservatives that could be used to mask body odor.

According to city residents, The area where the trailer is located is a regular stop for immigrant groups to disembark After secretly crossing the border because it is close to the railroad tracks.

Temperatures in San Antonio reached 40ºC this Monday And officers did not know how long the deceased had spent inside the truck, which was found by police and abandoned by the driver before opening the interior of the trailer.

The nearest boundary point is 224 kilometers (140 miles) away.

for now, The Mexican Embassy in San Antonio pledged its support to all “Mexicans, if any”. And Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Abbott mentioned the event on his social media.

For its part, Texas Governor Greg Abbott used the event to link US President Joe Biden’s immigration policy.

Christine and Michael Yaberra hug on the scene as people lay dead inside a tow truck in San Antonio, Texas on June 27, 2022.  (REUTERS / Kaylee Greenlee Beal)
On June 27, 2022, Christine and Michael Yaberra hugged at a scene of people lying dead inside a tow truck in San Antonio, Texas. (REUTERS / Kaylee Greenlee Beal)

“It simply came to our notice then. They are the result of his deadly open border policies. They are showing the dire consequences of refusing to enforce the law. “ The Republican politician said on his Twitter profile.

For his part, Democratic nominee Beato O’Rourke called for “the removal of human trafficking networks and their replacement with expanded mechanisms for legal migration that reflect our values ​​and meet the needs of our country.”

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