March 29, 2023

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Thanksgiving: What did a young woman in the United States do after being planted by her friends on Thanksgiving night? | Video | Maryann Zizumbo | Tick ​​Tock Viral | TDEX | REVTLI | Answers

The Or first known (In English), the harvest is celebrated on the last Thursday of November each year to thank God. This American Family Banquet is the perfect opportunity for people to get together and taste the traditional grilled turkey and share moments of joy and tradition.

But on this special date it is celebrated not only in the company of family, but also with friends. However, it is not so Marion Gizumbo, Who planned a different kind of dinner: ‘giving to friends’. He carefully prepared the dishes to surprise his loved ones and waited for them for a long time, but everything did not go as planned by the young lady.

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They say friends should be selected and counted in the palm of their hand. Maryann Zizumbo is now clear on this, after none of the friends who invited her to dinner came to her house. The young woman was visually impaired, but her boyfriend’s cleverness and excellent heart made the night end differently than she thought.

What did you do after being planted in Thanksgiving

The young woman went viral on social media after her boyfriend posted a video on her account There Marion Gizumbo is seen with the empty table decorated and visible. She seemed very upset when she finished ‘cropping’ at her first dinner . Noticing that no one was coming, she chose to tell him what had happened, and he came to her house to comfort her.

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I decorated your house to celebrate with friends

“We agreed several weeks ago. Everything was ready and we had already arranged what everyone was going to bring.Maryann said in an interview with Hoy Día that the young woman was planning dinner with her friends and went to a decor store to decorate her house and had a happy and memorable moment with her guests, but this did not happen.

None of the guests responded to him

“I was surprised when I sent them messages. No one responded. Hours passed and they did not come,” he said. Says in another part of the interview. But her boyfriend told her he was looking for a way to calm his mind “Do not worry. I’m going, now I’m coming to your house” (…) “I called my friends and my brother, some of our friends are coming ‘, they did”, He said.

More than 15 million views on Dictok

Everything happens for a reason, and sometimes, some painful situations like Marion happened to live with her friends make the tragedy a very effective event. The video, captured by Chicago woman’s boyfriend Christian Zamora, quickly went viral on her official Tic Tac Toe account, garnering more than 15 million views.

Apoyan is a Marion

The story generated millions of reactions on social media and the community did not hesitate to show its support for the young woman. “Suddenly he says to me: ‘We have scenes, I:’ How do we have scenes? And he says: ‘Yes, yours I uploaded a video. I see, at first it makes me a little sad, I said: “People are going to start criticizing or they are going to say: ‘Sin, no one is going,'” the young woman said.

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What do you think of your friends?

“Sometimes you think you have friends or acquaintances, sometimes it turns out they’re not, but my message to everyone is that there will always be for you, whom you can trust. If people really appreciate you, it will be.”The young woman learned a lesson that went unnoticed, and eventually became acquainted with her boyfriend and his friends.

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