December 4, 2022

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The beginning of the Clan del Golfo “armed strike” in Colombia left dozens of acts of violence.

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The bus was set on fire by Clan del Golfo in Antioch

The first day of Clan del Golfo’s “armed strike” in Colombia left dozens of violent.

This week after the nickname was handed over to the United States OthnielCriminal organization directed by Narco leader, The Gulf ClanIn retaliation, he launched an “armed strike” that would last four days.

On the first day, the government said about 100 burnt vehicles, including lorries, buses, cars and motorcycles, were reported on various highways in the north of the country.

Local newspapers shared excerpts from a statement signed by Colombia’s Gaitanista Defense Forces (AGC), also known as the Criminal Organization, which states in Antioquia, Chocó and Córdoba that “all social, economic, educational and cultural activities will be suspended until May 10.”