May 30, 2023

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The best technique for corrosion of metal in minutes | Other

The advice to avoid rust on any utensil used in our home kitchen is very simple and requires regular cleaning, but if it is already too late to avoid it, a user has revealed through social networks. One of them Get rid of that dull color and dirt that brings us so many headaches.

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Invited to a Facebook group with more than 200,000 members , Hang on to these interesting and effective remedies so you don’t have to spend a single penny on cleaning household items. Want to know how to get rid of them? Rust stain Chairs in your kitchen? Forget special products And you use the items in the pantry. It will be like new in a few minutes.

How to clean rusty stuff in minutes

Over time, exposure to moisture, or exposure to moisture or certain corrosive chemicals can lead to a loss of material elegance. This method is simple, straightforward and home made. Advice from Joe Nicole, a woman from Hampshire, United Kingdom Cover the outside of the damaged surface with ketchup And let dry for a few minutes.

When you see The ketchup has driedGuidello, but not con an rago sin con Crushed aluminum foil. Thus, once you pass it all over the metal part you can see that it leaves the surface fresh. Many users on the Facebook team were amazed at the trick, and did not hesitate to comment on the post, which has more than 1,200 ‘likes’ (over 5,000 replies).

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Homemade tricks to clean rusty stuff in minutes. (Photo: Facebook)

A solution to severe events

If you want to restore something that has been in that condition for a long time because it is so old, you will face a real challenge. Make balls on aluminum foil and soak in lemon juice. Then rub the surface several times to remove the first layers.

Then, Dip one foot into warm paraffin, pausing between layers to allow them to dry. Everything should be covered. Leaving overnight, the next day, a Abrasive pad with baking soda. If this material does not change as expected, you will have no choice but to use chemicals such as hydrochloric acid.

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Often, they are simple and inexpensive options that allow solutions to problems such as cleaning, cooking, texture or decoration; That is, all the difficulties that take up our time can be easily fixed without hurting our bags.

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