March 25, 2023

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The dollar S / S4,0588 and PVL -5.83% lower in action since July 30

The Dollar Opens more on July 30th. At 09:22 a.m., according to the Bloomberg portal, the green bag was priced at S / 4.0297. At 11:26 am the exchange rate was S / 4.0588.

Meanwhile, the coin North American Purchase price S / 3,9009 and sale S / 3,917, at major banks in the country. On the other hand, Exchange House and ordinary money changers offer coins for S / 3.90 and S / 3.93 for purchase.

Pedro Castillo took office as President of the Republic the week before and took over as Chairman of the Council of Ministers.

In the international market, the greenback rose as exciting economic data weighed on some losses from the beginning of this week as the US Federal Reserve halted a month-long rally in the US currency.

The dollar index was up 0.1% at 91.966. On the path to the worst weekly performance since the first week of May, the index fell 1% for the week.

Federal Reserve (Fed) President Jerome Powell said the dollar began to fall after the dollar’s rise following a policy meeting this week, and that the rate hike was “too far away” and that the labor market still had “some ground to cover”.

At Dano, the Lima stock market fell -2.78% or 18,253.96 with the S&P Peru General in early morning activity, while the S&P Peru Choice fell -2.85% or 484, twenty-one. At 11:31 a.m., Capital Park was at -5.83%.

With Reuters information.

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