July 5, 2022

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The man accused of killing a Peruvian prostitute in France has apologized

On the last day of the trial Paris In the case of Vanessa Campos, a Female prostitute The Peruvian woman, who was murdered on the outskirts of the French capital in 2018, has made her “apology” before the main defendant court deliberately retires.

On Thursday, the prosecution demanded 20 years in prison and his removal from the area French Mahmoud Qadri, 24, was identified as its author by other defendants Shooting Against Fields August 16-17, 2018 night in Boulogne forest. Kadri refuses.

I apologize for everything that happened, sorry. கத்ரி, By an Arabic translator, who later referred to his mother and left in tears.

To Kareem Ibrahim, 29, charged “Murder Made by an organized mob “, lawyer In Olivier Affair He was sentenced to 15 years in prison and asked to reconsider his charge of “complicity in a murder.”

“I’m sorry for all this,” Ibrahim said in his last words before heading to court. Deliberately.

Vanessa Departments, A 36-year-old Peruvian woman died in an irregular situation Shooting In the chest in the Boulogne forest, an area for the presence of sex workers.

The investigation took advantage of a group of young people of Egyptian descent Sex services Robbing workers and their customers.

The first case was heard in court on January 11 Paris, Eight defendants, all Egyptians, gave different versions of events, for Auféril, “author of the shot Mahmood Qadri |“.

Night of events Fields The lawyer said the group, which consisted of at least 10 young people, was seen armed and “driven by a sense of arrogance” “naked, insecure, before the arrival of the (a) herd”.

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This “punishable voyage” was aimed at “restoring control of the region and ending the resistance” of South American prostitutes, who sought “protectors” against the constant attacks of a gang of thieves against their clients.

For the other six defendants, the prosecution demanded five years in prison – in one case suspended for three years – for participating in the events or for stealing a deadly weapon. Fields, As well as the ban on stepping France, Some of them 10 years.

The verdict is expected to be released on Saturday evening.

Death Fields Brought to light the violence experienced by prostitutes. In February 2020, another Peruvian transsex worker, Jessica Sarmiento, was killed in a car accident in the same forest. According to witnesses, the attack was deliberate.


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