March 29, 2023

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The murder of lawyer Marcelo Becci in Colombia: what is known about the alleged killer and the main video of the crime | Paraguay | Cartagena | Look | Claudia Aguilera | The world

Tuesday, May 10 until 10:30 p.m., Y They lived together in their happiest days; She told me a few minutes ago that she was pregnant.

“The day started quietly and we decided to go to the beach after breakfast. The view is beautiful, this is our honeymoon. ” Claudia EL told TIEMPO about the minutes before the attack.

Mira: The attackers who killed a Paraguayan lawyer during a honeymoon in Colombia used jet skis.

The couple relaxed on the exclusive beach Look at DecameronHotel and sea access only. A man descended from a jet ski or jet ski and searched for attorney Becky and shot him twice.

Image distributed by Colombian police to identify suspect in the murder of attorney Marcelo Becky.

One scene was recorded on his body and the other on his face. The Paraguayan fell into the sand and died. His wife bent down to help him, and the crowd could not believe what was happening.

Mira: “You are going to be a goddess, we are going to have a baby”: Paraguayan lawyer’s last sentence kills a friend

Since the same Tuesday, police have been circulating a picture of who the lawyer’s killer was. It was spotted on the beach wearing dark hair, a hat, a long sleeved black shirt and black shorts.

This is a speech film about the alleged murder of lawyer Marcelo Becci.  (Photo: Colombian National Police).
This is a speech film about the alleged murder of lawyer Marcelo Becci. (Photo: Colombian National Police).

In addition, this Wednesday, authorities provided a speech portrait of the accused. Commenting on the investigations, Director General of the National Police George Louis Vargas said, “There are many foreign nationals who take the versions of those who are in the hotel, and we ask them.”

Along with the spoken portrait and a photograph of the killer, a physical description is included, as explained by General Vargas. The suspect is 1.74 centimeters tall, with dark hair and a Caribbean accent.

The hypothesis of crime, according to deputy attorney Martha Manchera, “relates to her work against organized crime” Paraguay”.

For information to help identify the lawyer’s killer TalkingColombian officials reward 2,000 million pesos

A video was also released of Jet Sky approaching its owner for hire as alleged killers. This material is part of the evidence in the talking crime.

The owner of the jet ski used to assassinate the lawyer TalkingIn an interview with Blue Radio, he said Two people who asked to rent the device attended. What caught his attention was that they paid for 30 minutes and returned in 15 minutes.

We were in the store on a normal day. The boys rented a ‘jet ski’. When I was looking for the beach in the shop with my brother, we saw that they came back very soon, ”he said.

Ten minutes later, the Dekamaron Hotel warned them that someone had been injured by a jet ski. “At first we thought he had run away, but we realized it was an attack. We were so confused we called the police,” he said.

The two gunmen, after reaching the shore, left the jet ski and underwear. They walked and left the beach, said the owner of the device used for Pechi’s crime.

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