March 29, 2023

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The price of a gas bottle rose to 65 feet

The Gas ball Between 10 kg S / 40 and S / 65 are sold in metropolitan Lima, according to a recent report by the ‘Facilito’ site Oversight Agency for Investment in Energy and Mining (Ocinerkin).

Higher prices have been recorded Companies Located at Districts Linz, Surgillo, Surco, Miraflorus and Magdalena del Mar.

Cost Kitchen ball The S / 3 registered from today is higher than the price announced till last Friday, which is in line with the warned hike. Peruvian Society of Liquefied Gas (SPGL).

Last week the union announced the packaging and marketing companies Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) They raised prices Flammable 7%, which represents an increase of about S / 2.30 per gas cylinder.

According to SPGL director Marco La Torre, this is because of the price hike LPG is in high demand In the world, this indicates that international prices are rising, and the impact of the rise of the dollar is added to this.

La Torre pointed out GLP Because Commissar It was not provided to meet the total demand of the Peruvians.

Gas balloon: Where’s the high price?

Despite the high price S / 65 in the capitalThe cost recorded in Lima is not the highest nationally.

Site of Ocynergmin In the district of Macedonia (Cusco), the capital of the commission, the price of a gas cylinder is S / 69.50.

In the district of Nutta, in Loreto, The Kitchen ball It may have the price of S / 67.

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