March 25, 2023

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The student cries without saying “partner” during the virtual class | Viral Video | Trends | Mexico | nnda nnrt | Social Websites

By During the virtual class a video was released expressing her frustration with the non-binary young woman asking her to respect her identity. “I am not your partner, I am your partner”The woman said with tears in her eyes that the video soon went viral.

Apparently, one of the occupants, Max Carvajal, called the young woman, identified as Andrea Escamilla, a “comrade.” This angered the woman, who demanded that they treat her with respect. “Sorry, sorry, mate”After apologizing, the young man said he continued his participation.

In the post, Eskimilla finds the pronouns “Elle / he” in parentheses, next to his name in the zoom, thus indicating to those present how he would like to be called. Nevertheless, the clip caused controversy on social media, not only because of the young woman’s reaction, but also because of the use of cover language.

Through his TicTac account, user Luis Hernandez, a student in the class, explained that the discussion started in the middle of a presentation on suicide. But when referring to “gender”, the young woman pointed out through the chat that gender is not the same as gender.

Students moved away from the topic and began discussing gender identity and discussion, and then went on to social networks for and against.

What is a viral video?

A This is a post on social networks and on the internet in general. They are short films that can be professionally made and recorded from your own home and can be shared by thousands or millions of users in a matter of seconds and reproduced in large quantities.

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The Often, they tend to show people’s lives in a more honest way, which makes the user who sees the clip feel sorry for them at the time and encourages them to share it with all the friends on the walls of their social networks.

We have Called ‘Win to Win’ according to the website, of the animals that always appear on stage So, it is not surprising that these posts appear all the time on the internet.

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