May 30, 2023

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The United States acknowledges living with the “critical” moment with the extension of the delta variation

United States He agreed to live in a “critical” moment International spread of corona virus By spreading Delta variant, But health officials in the country have warned that there could be infections among some Vaccine, Severe cases and deaths only affect the uninjured.

At a press conference, the team White House Responsible for the fight International spread The guidelines for applying the mask have not changed, and those who are fully stressed on the other hand Vaccine Even if they choose to do so in areas with high infection rates and low vaccination rates, they do not need to carry it.

Rochelle Valensky, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC, English), acknowledged that the country was once again experiencing a “critical moment” due to the spread of the virus. Delta variant, Very contagious, “very something Infection“He said he had seen it in his twenty years of life.

As he explained, The Delta variant It is responsible for 83 percent of new cases.


Ann United States The vaccine has recorded a strong recession in recent weeks, with infections rising by 53 percent in the past seven days and hospital admissions for the disease increased by 32 percent.

But infections, after all, occur in areas with a low rate Vaccine.

Coordinator of the response against the corona virus White House, Jeffrey Gents explained that the three states with the lowest vaccination rates, Florida, Texas and Missouri, account for 40 percent of the cases. One in five reported nationwide is in Florida.

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Both Giants and the government’s chief epidemiologist Anthony Fucci stressed that vaccines are effective and prevent serious diseases at the highest level. If there are cases of infection, they are stressed, they are mild and asymptomatic, and the threat is undetected above all else.

According to data provided by Giants, 99.5 percent of deaths and 97 percent of hospitalizations are non-civilian. Vaccine.

Coordinator White House However, the most affected states in the past week, Arkansas, Florida, Louisiana and Nevada, have seen a significant increase in vaccinations in recent days, which is higher than the national average.

At the press conference, Rochelle Valensky denied that there was a change in policy regarding the use of masks, various media outlets in the country said on Thursday.

The CDC continues to believe that “their recommendations have not changed” and that “those who are vaccinated are protected from one another” Acute illness“So the mask is not needed.

However, he said the “personal decision” was understood by the people Vaccine Decide to wear the mask in areas with multiple infections or low-dose immunizations.


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