November 27, 2022

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The US has called for an emergency meeting at the UN over the latest North Korean missile launch

America He requested that on Tuesday UN Meet urgently on Wednesday to discuss a new launch A missile launched by North KoreaAccording to a diplomatic source told Efe.

A missile launched by Pyongyang flew north of the Japanese archipelago, triggering a civil alert system in the area, suggesting people take shelter from possible harm.

According to Govt JapanThis missile has traveled the longest distance of any tested till date North KoreaThe maximum altitude is 1,000 kilometers and the final distance is 4,600 kilometers.

The missile fell into the Pacific Ocean and outside Japan’s exclusive economic zone Ministry of DefenceNo damage to aircraft or boats in the area has yet been identified.

The new North Korean launch comes after Tokyo, Washington and Seoul last week held joint drills in the Sea of ​​Japan to counter the North Korean weapons development of SLBMs (submarine-launched ballistic missiles), involving the US aircraft carrier USS “Ronald. Reagan”.

North Korea has launched 4 more rounds of missiles since September 25.All of these are short-range ballistic projectiles, so the last test has a longer range.

This type of testing of long-range weapons capable of carrying nuclear weapons is prohibited by resolutions of the UN Security Council, which meets regularly every year. Pyongyang Conduct an experiment.

Last May, America Proposed to tighten international sanctions against North Korea in response to its series of weapons tests, but Russia and China vetoed the move.

Japan and the US conduct joint exercises

Military aircraft from Japan and the United States resumed joint exercises on Tuesday in response to North Korea’s missile launch.Japanese officials said.

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The Joint Leaders of Japan Eight Japanese and four American fighter jets took part in the exercise in airspace west of the Kyushu region.

“The security environment around Japan is becoming increasingly complex, including the launch of a ballistic missile North Korea That flew Japan“The Defense Forces and the US Army conducted a joint exercise,” the Joint Chiefs of Staff said in a statement.

The forces “confirmed their readiness and demonstrated strong resolve at home and abroad. Japan Y America To deal with any situation,” he added.

(With information from EFE Agency)