February 9, 2023

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The US has warned Russia of decisive retaliation if it uses nuclear bombs

America The government warned this Sunday Vladimir Putin Any use of nuclear weapons would have “catastrophic consequences”. RussiaBecause the North American country and its allies will respond “decisively”.

This was stated by the National Security Adviser White HouseJake Sullivan, in an interview with CBS News, said the potential use of nuclear weapons for the first time “should be taken very seriously.” World War II.

“We have directly, personally, communicated any benefit to the Kremlin at the highest level Nuclear weapons This will have devastating consequences for Russia, and the United States and our allies will respond decisively.”

In a televised speech last Wednesday, Putin Mentioned “weapons of the future” to warn I take it about what Russia It has an “unparalleled” nuclear arsenal that allows it to counter any Western threat.

“I would like to remind you that our country also has various offensive systems, and in some elements, they are more modern than NATO countries,” he threatened.

According to Sullivan, both publicly and privately America It is “clear and specific” about what the potential use of nuclear weapons is Joe Biden “I will respond decisively,” he insisted.

AmericaGovernment Adviser, will continue to support Ukraine Recalling that in his efforts to protect the country and its democracy, aid of more than 15,000 million dollars has already been provided for arms and air defense systems.

In the interview, Sullivan He also mentioned about the current situation Russian army And he assured that the massive call for citizen mobilization was “not exactly a sign of strength or confidence”, but “a sign that they are suffering a lot on the Russian side”.

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