May 30, 2023

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The value of the dollar in Peru today, Thursday, June 30 morning

Today, June 30, Thursday morning, the Dollar in Peru It has an interbank price of S / 3,789.

The Quotation This morning corresponds to the end of the trading session on Tuesday, June 28 exchange rate Closed with a slight drop.

On the last recorded day, the Green back The Peruvian market rose about 0.30%.

It is noteworthy that there was no change in the price of the dollar yesterday Holidays Held in memory St. Peter and St. Paul’s Day.

As of now, the Reserve Bank of India (B.C.R) indicates that the exchange rate so far in 2022 is 5.06% lower than that recorded at the end of the previous year.

Dollar price for buying and selling

The last statement indicates how much $.pe Money changers A dollar is bought at S/ 3.76 and sold at an average of S/ 3.79.

Also, in Digital transmission houses A green ticket is bought at an approximate price of S/ 3.77 and sold for S/ 3.80.

Remember that this morning Dollar price As the price fluctuates once today’s session starts at around 9:00 AM, there is no change yet.

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