March 29, 2023

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The woman lives in the same house with her husband and boyfriend: “This is better than cheating on someone” | Other

Very few people know the concept . It is an intimate, emotional and sexual relationship in which more than two individuals participate. This is the case of a woman who lives in the state of Inn . She lives under the same roof with her husband and her boyfriend, both of whom have not complained.

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During an interview for the show “A Voz do Povo”, Andresa narrated her story, which has gone viral due to an excess of honesty. She married a man named Miranda. However, she had an affair with another man named Reginaldo.

Andresa lived a double life and got tired and made a decisive decision. I would tell both of them to live under the same roof. According to her, the plan was “better than cheating on someone.”

“People may even find it weird, but you can’t pick one if you love two What is the solution ?: Living by deceiving others Or how to live with both at the same time. “, He noted.

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Different answer

The woman expressed that she was surprised that her husband accepted her plan because he had so many doubts about her reaction. He commented that initially the situation was a bit uncomfortable. However, time has done its job and the three of them know each other well, so there is a good coexistence right now.

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Andresa’s husband and boyfriend are in charge of doing household chores together, and now they are considered friends. Pia’s wife denied that there was jealousy between the two.

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