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The Wrong Man Chapter 4: 5 Things That Will Happen This Week at Bay Yanlis, Thursday, December 16th | Noah | Turkish soap operas nnda nnlt | Fame

When it appears that love is about to emerge between them, the relationship between Osgur and Eski deteriorates and they break up. Heroes of , The new Turkish soap opera aired for Spanish audiences in Nova as they try to cope with the many situations that come their way, which puts their agreement to the test.

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Kane Yemen and Osage Voice are the protagonists of the new Turkish soap opera “El Homebrew Equivocato” airing in Spain via Nova Signal. This romantic comedy is gaining new fans every week and it promises to be the next Turkish hit.

The Ottoman product, called “Bay Yanlis” in its original language, tells the story of a rich young man who has no faith in love and a woman who wants to find the love of her life. The “Wrong Man” publishes a new chapter of Noah every Thursday, and we tell you what will happen this week in the history of Osgur and Eski.

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Turkish soap opera starring Kane Yemen and Osage Voice (Photo: Gold Movie)

1. EZGI and ÖZGUR lost on an island

Ezgi was so nervous when she got a call from her friend Gansu that she told him she already knew the whole truth and threw the ship key into the sea. Özgür and the young woman take the submarine and try to reach the shore for something. On their way they find an island that appears to be deserted, so they decide to spend the night in a cabin there. The next day, the small boat went missing because some local sheep had eaten the rope that tied it to a boat.

2. EZGI and ÖZGUR face smugglers

Özgür and Ezgi sought help on the island. At that time some men appeared on a motor boat. Ezgi approaches them to ask for help without imagining they are kidnappers. The strangers beat the couple and left with their hands and feet tied.

Later, Özgür frees himself and does the same with his partner. The two leave the island on the same ship where the hijackers appeared when they were without clues. Later, they informed the Coast Guard of the whereabouts of the culprits and they were arrested. The couple goes to the police station to give a confession about what happened.

3. ÖZGÜR and EZGI are derived from their family members

After a few hours, Osgur and Eski return home and are greeted by their loved ones between hugs and kisses. Oscar’s mother invites Denise, Conz and Nevin to her daughter’s henna night, which will take place at the mansion. Accept all of this and spend a pleasant evening with other guests including AG.

Soap Opera Screened June 26, 2020 (Photo: Gold Movie)
Soap Opera Screened June 26, 2020 (Photo: Gold Movie)

4. Silk loses her baby

The woman who is about to leave her training and travel to New York has severe pain in her abdomen. That’s why the obstetrician did an ultrasound and found that her future baby had died in the mother’s womb: “I’m so sorry,” she says.

5. Ezki and Osgor go from love to hate

One of Özgur’s conditions for accepting his contract with Ezgi was that she would play his girlfriend at his sister Ebru’s wedding. Now the big day has come, when things between Özgur and Ezgi turn upside down and it appears that love is about to emerge between them, everything goes wrong.

"Wrong man" is the most popular Deniz Yorulmazer.  (Photo: Gold Movie)
“The Wrong Man” is directed by Denise Yorulmaser. (Photo: Gold Movie)
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