December 4, 2022

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They rob a family on vacation, but one of them is a policeman | Stories | Viral | Viral | Cardagena Nanda NNT | Viral

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Security camera, located in a restaurant in Cartagena , Captured the moment when a thug on vacation attacked a family Who ate out on campus. The scenes were recently aired , Where they went viral.

These begin with a dinner show in which the two minors chat quietly. Unexpectedly, the offender enters the premises and goes against the father, Who picks up a cell phone, a chain and a gun.

In the shot of the recording device, you can see another weapon on the victim’s back.

Believing that all valuables were confiscated, The robber prepares to flee with his accomplicee, who was waiting for him on a linear motorcycle. After the two had left the place for a while, The agent drew his second handgun and chased the robbers.

As indicated , The perpetrators were arrested by the attacker near the restaurant and some of his colleagues. The identities of those arrested have not been released.

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