May 30, 2023

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TikTok: Harassment on the popular social networking site that takes teachers “to the limit” Tom Rogers | EC stories | The world

Teacher bullied by students Others say they “reach the limit” for online attacks.

Tom Rogers One of dozens of British editors who have reported harassment on social media in recent weeks. Some have been reported to be ill.

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Posts often include Images of learning resources Used by teachers in online teaching during accepted isolation from corona virus infection.

TikTok It says it is taking additional steps to remove videos that attack teachers.

The British government also plans to introduce laws to make social media companies more accountable.

Rogers, a history teacher, was unaware that a clip of one of his virtual subjects had been uploaded on Dictoc until a colleague warned him last week.

When he searched the platform, he found two videos posted from an anonymous account, with a total of about 12,000 views.

“When you enter the processor, you think kids are laughing at you, everyone has seen it,” he told the BBC.

“You don’t know who saw it, but you know it could be many children.”

Rogers reported the videos, but police were unable to act.

The professor did not receive a response from Dictoc when he was interviewed by the BBC, and the videos were online at the time this article was published.

Rogers says he tries not to get trolls, but worries about other editors who are not very familiar with social media.

Tom Rogers says it’s disgusting “for people to laugh at content. (Tic Tac Toe).

“I think it pushes some people out of bounds because of everything we’ve experienced over the last two years,” he said, adding that some of his colleagues are “very fragile to get out of the epidemic.”

“They will quit their jobs and leave because of stress-related illnesses. This will be a turning point,” he added.

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“This is different”

Tom Quinn, professor and CEO of the Frank Field Education Trust in the North West of England, told the BBC that two of his professors were unwell due to abuse and that social media sites should act quickly to remove the defamatory videos.

“Over the years, teachers and students have had relationships, and in many cases, the relationships they make fun of; They have nicknames for each other. This is different, ”he said.

“If a child posts derogatory or derogatory comments on Dictok, it can be viewed by two million people around the world. It has the biggest impact when the teacher does not have the right to respond. “

Quinn said the organization is working to ensure that parents of children who post videos understand their seriousness of the problem.

“In some of the most watched videos, children are horrified that this happened. They are also victims of this, ”he said. “We urge TikTok to consider the fact that we are talking about children who make mistakes and make mistakes.”

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Helpline for teachers

A TikTok spokesman said there was “no place” on the platform for harassment and bullying.

“We apologize for the inconvenience caused to some editors as a result of misleading content published on our platform,” he said.

“We have already implemented additional technical measures and guidelines and will continue to detect and remove criminal content and accounts in advance.”

A spokesman said Dictok would increase its budget to implement an online system for reporting content that is harmful to teachers.

Tom Quinn, managing director of the Frank Field Education Trust, says he has been working with parents of children who have posted defamatory videos to understand the seriousness of the problem.
Tom Quinn, managing director of the Frank Field Education Trust, says he has been working with parents of children who have posted defamatory videos to understand the seriousness of the problem.

“We will write to every school in the country to ensure that all staff have access to the resources they need, and we will continue to work with affected schools, teachers, parents, unions and others to eradicate this intolerable abuse.”

Principals Association – School and College Leaders Association (ASCL) – has received more than 50 reports. “Shameless Abuse” He added that there are likely to be “many more” cases.

General Secretary Jeff Barton welcomed Dictok’s response and said he hoped the matter would be resolved soon.

But he warned that the trend “strengthens the urgent need to regulate social media sites” because authors spend time disposing of content and dealing with the consequences of disruptions during infections.

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“Social media sites should be legally responsible for ensuring that there are processes in place to prevent the posting of defamatory and misleading content,” he said.

“This material is very painful for the target staff and the youths who publish it are involved in behaviors that lead to expulsion from school and, in extreme cases, police investigation.

School Education Minister Diana Barron said on Twitter that “the Department of Education (DFE) is working with Dicto to address the issue.”

A spokesman for DfE said harassment of educators was “unacceptable” and that online criminal attacks should be reported to the police.

“We are clear that social media companies need to take action against harmful content on their sites, and we are introducing a new era of accountability for these companies,” he said.


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