May 30, 2023

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Today’s solidarity income: How do you find out if you are a beneficiary for July 2022? | Via SuperGIROS 2022 | Answers

Unity income . To access this benefit provided by the current government led by Iván Duque, SISBÉN can assess the condition of your home and add it to the list of beneficiaries who receive a grant each month. Find out here when the 400 thousand Colombian pesos of cash aid established by the Department of Social Prosperity will be collected again.

“Solidarity income is initially designed to operate for three months. Thanks to the Social Investment Act approved by Congress, with the approval of President Ivan Duk, Social Prosperity will be able to implement the program until 2022. The Social Investment Act increases the coverage of the project from 3 million to 4 million to 85 thousand. Beneficiaries, March and April 2022 First ″, Solidarity points to the official side of social prosperity regarding income.

How can I verify that I am a beneficiary of Solidarity Income?

The first thing you need to do is enter . Then you have to go to the option to consult the user located in the upper right part of the site. The next step is to use your Citizen Identification Number.

When you get the access type option, select Register with ID document and proceed with the process. If you have already registered, you will need to sign in again by repeating the first steps.

When you receive the message CONSULT BENEFICIARIES DRAWS, you need to click on it and then a message related to your family will appear (you can find out what you are a beneficiary and your family status).

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How to check if I am a Beneficiary of Solidarity Income

How do I know if I am a Beneficiary of Solidarity Income in July?

Basically, you have to repeat the steps mentioned (go to’s website It should be taken into account that the payments in July will be different from the previous months. Grants can be collected according to the classification made by the families Sispen IVThat is, they charge as follows:

Group a

  • If there are 1 person in a house, they will get 400 thousand Colombian pesos.
  • If there are 2 people in a house, you get 440 thousand Colombian pesos.
  • If there are 3 people in a house, you get 480 thousand Colombian pesos.
  • If there are 4 or more people in a house, you get 520 thousand Colombian pesos.

Group B

  • If there are 1 person in a household, they will receive 380 thousand Colombian pesos.
  • If there are 2 people in a house, you get 396 thousand Colombian pesos.
  • If there are 3 people in a house, you get 412 thousand Colombian pesos.
  • If there are 4 or more people in a house, you get 428 thousand Colombian pesos.

How long will Solidarity income be paid in 2022?

As announced by the Colombian President, Evan Duke The Unity income It will be paid until December 2022. To be a part of this social activity, you should note that you should not register on any online site or intermediaries.

Solidarity Income Payment Schedule: When Will You Pay?

The Department of Social Prosperity (DPS) reports that by 2022 this money will be made in 6 drafts or payments:

March | 2nd fee.

May | 3rd fee.

July | 4th charge.

September | 5th charge.

November | 6th fee.

Which families receive the same income?

To compile the list of similarity income beneficiaries, the data registered by the companies were taken into account: Department of Social Welfare, Sisbén, Ministry of Labor, Ministry of Health and Ministry of Treasury. This was selected by National Planning Department (DNP). Families who are beneficiaries should be careful of the text message announcing the cash assistance deposit between the established dates.

How do I claim solidarity income in Bangoombia, Pangoma, the Bango Gaza community and the movies?

How is Solidarity Income paid to non-banking households via Supercross?

Beneficiaries of Solidarity Income, the bank’s beneficiaries, have been receiving the subsidy since May 19 last. In the case of individuals requesting an incentive based on the type of transfer, they have been doing so since May 23 and must collect it at points by June 6th. Supergiros And allies located across the country.

Non-bank families will receive the incentive from May 23 to June 6: it will be available at SuperGIROS points and associates across the country, said the director of the Department of Social Prosperity.

What can I do if Solidarity income is not provided to me?

The time to collect Solidarity income has already passed, and according to the DBS report, if you have not yet been able to pay this grant, we offer you some recommendations:

  • Check your status in the community program.
  • Check if you are a beneficiary on the official Solidarity Income website
  • If you are a user, you need to get a text message from the same company or authorized bank.

The program says, “Finding your name and ID on a user’s database means that if you do not receive a text message, you may be part of a subsequent payment cycle, which has not yet reached users.”

If you have any difficulty with money orders, people can contact us by email [email protected] Or for telephone connections: National: 018000951100. In Bogot: 5954410