November 27, 2022

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Today’s Unity Earnings: Check Who’s Getting Paid in September | Answers

This August, millions of Colombians received the corresponding payment for cycles 28 and 29. An economic subsidy that will benefit millions of families Those who are affected by the increase in the price of the basic family basket. That’s why many consult on a daily basis if they meet the requirements to collect social security; In this post we will clarify that and many more doubts.

Before that, we must remember Unity income Doesn’t cover everything Colombians of the country, it is important to fulfill certain essential requirements to access this popular grant.

Below we provide you with information on how to know who is collecting Unity income Along with your ID, how much will the next payments be and other information about this economic subsidy that will benefit millions Colombians Since its creation.

Who collects solidarity income according to their certificate

At first, only it knows Colombians They are registered in SISBÉN, which together with the Department of National Planning (DNP) created updated information on families in need of support, excluding beneficiaries of other cash transfer programs and cross-referencing with other databases such as PILA and pensioners; They can only collect Unity income Inside Colombia.

Registration in SISBÉN is the most important filter to identify the most vulnerable households. Unity income.

to collect Unity incomeThere are no entries or raffles of any kind. The selection of potential beneficiaries is made through information registered in SISBÉN, accessible only to employees of the institution.

Find out if you can collect Unity income To find out what your score is in SISBÉN, you should follow these steps:

  1. Enter page: ()
  2. Select the type of document – enter the ID number
  3. Click on Advice
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Households who wish to be part of the new SISBÉN IV survey and are not yet registered should make a request by logging into the official website of the District Planning Secretariat. On the Queries tab – SISBÉN button – click on ‘Request survey for the first time’ and ‘Enter a new SISBÉN Bogotá survey request record’.

What are the next Solidarity Income payments?

Deposits for July and August – corresponding to cycles 28 and 29 – will be available to beneficiary families for a few days, particularly from Thursday, July 21. Unity income of Colombia.

According to the Social Prosperity website Colombia, families with bank accounts were disbursed in phases from July 21. On the other hand, the unbanked were transferred from July 25 to August 8. The latter received payment for the network of SuperGIROS and its partners, which is available throughout the national territory.

It is important to remember that these payment dates correspond to the two months of July and August. This is the fee schedule Unity income Inside Colombia 2022:

  • Payments for the two month period of July – August: Paid to the beneficiaries between 18th and 24th July.
  • Payment as per two month period September-October: Payment will be made in the second week of September.
  • Payment for two month period November – December: Payment will be made in the second week of November.

What is Solidarity Income?

Unity income Initially it was created for the benefit of the needy Colombia. Thanks to the Social Investment Act passed by Congress ColombianAnd approved by Ivan Duque, will implement the Social Prosperity Program until 2022. Therefore, the Social Investment Act increases the coverage of the program, which will go from 3 million to 4 million 85 thousand beneficiary families starting in March and April 2022.

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The program is giving priority to families living in extreme poverty in SISBÉN IV (Group A). The target allows for at least 30% of the owners of entering households to be women. 64.13% of households already receiving remittances are represented by female heads.

of the amount received by the beneficiaries Unity income Inside ColombiaThe situation is different for each group of people who are part of the registry prepared by SISBÉN, because it must be taken into account that the money allocated to beneficiaries has undergone a minimum increase according to the deposits of cycles 28 and 29. July and August.

Its beneficiaries Unity incomeGroup A, get:

  • If there is 1 person in a household, you will receive a payment of $400,000
  • If there are 2 people in a household, you will receive a payment of $440,000
  • If there are 3 people in a household, you will receive a payment of $480,000
  • If there are 4 or more people in a household, you will receive a payment of $520,000

Its beneficiaries Unity incomeGroup B, get:

  • If there is 1 person in a household, you will receive a payment of $380,000
  • For a 2-person household, you’d pay $396,000
  • If there are 3 people in a household, you will pay $412,000
  • If there are 4 or more people in a household, you will receive a payment of $428,000