March 25, 2023

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Today’s viral video | Pickpocket in Barcelona angrily calls the police because they will not let him go on the metro | Viral

Barcelona Citizen Brigade () Was denied access to the city of Barcelona’s metro pipes after being recognized as a pickpocket. However, the subject condemned them and assured them that he had no intention of stealing at the time because he wanted to travel to another station. Immediately, the thief’s reaction On .

And the following story may seem very surreal, but it is true. When Thief Prevents access to the metro, he decides to get in touch Moses de Esquadra Log in to help and pick one up Subway trains.

That’s why the subject calls Moses Also, this is not an exaggeration, he showed himself to be a pickpocket and asked them to intervene so that the Citizens Force would give way to him.

The call has been recorded and will be released to the public shortly, so it may appear A scene from a funny movie, but it doesn’t:

Moses de Esquadra? I am a thief. …) Can you come to where I am here and help me? “, Is asked in a telephone conversation.

Similarly, during the call, the man was asked to confirm firmly: “I’m a pickpocket, but I’m not stealing”. However, the request was rejected when the call was abruptly disconnected.

The thief tried to get in a taxi, but could not.  (Photo: Capture / OK Diary)
The thief tried to get in a taxi, but could not. (Photo: Capture / OK Diary)

After your effort Calling an emergency number cannot help, From Barcelona could not access the metro, The thief had no choice Take a taxi To transfer him to his home, however, the citizen patrol driver warned him that he was a pickpocket and stopped riding with him.

What is a viral video?

A This is a post on social networks and on the internet in general. They are short films that can be professionally made and recorded from your own home and can be shared by thousands or millions of users in a matter of seconds and reproduced in large quantities.

The Often, they tend to show people’s lives in a more honest way, which makes the user who sees the clip feel sorry for them at the time and encourages them to share it with all the friends on the walls of their social networks.

We have According to the website, the so-called ‘Win to Win’ animals always appear on stage So, it is not surprising that these posts appear all the time on the internet.

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