March 25, 2023

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Today’s Viral Video | Woman surprised with extra bag on a plane and not paying for luggage | Dictok | Social Networks | Social media

A video Tells the time And other social networks because it shows how a woman uses a method without having to pay for extra bags and luggage on an airplane. Yes, this is not a joke. His actions have taken thousands of users by surprise.

By account Dictoc , The young woman shared the aforementioned clip, exactly on June 29 this year. In a post that turned out to be a trend, he said he paid $ 44 for the flight.

Due to the price, I was allowed to carry only one bag as luggage. That situation led her to think about what to do to get another one without spending too much money. Eventually she decided to use a unique trick to pretend she was pregnant.

She hid the extra pocket under her shirt and created the illusion that she was expecting a baby so that she would not be forced to pay for luggage. “It worked”The woman wrote in a viral video she posted.

That same day, he shared another clip showing that he got on the plane without problems and then he was happy in the bathroom because his trick worked just fine. Both posts he posted are already on various social networks. In Mexico, the United States and Spain, there is a lot of talk about the method he used.

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