June 3, 2023

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Tsai Ing-wen: “They can’t force us to go the route China has chosen for Taiwan”

Chairman of Taiwan, Tsai Ing-wen called for strengthening the island’s security, saying “no one can force Taiwan to go down that path.” China It “considers Beijing a sovereign territory, a province of rebels.

During Taiwan’s official name, ROC National Day, the island’s leader said Beijing “did not give Taiwan an independent and democratic way of life or sovereignty over its 23 million people.” “Reunification”.

Chai’s news comes on a day promised by Chinese President Xi Jinping China can reunite with Taiwan, Setting aside the threat of force on this occasion – spoke of the basic principle of “peace reunification” – and provided co-ordination in the People’s Republic under the framework of ‘one country, two organizations’ as used in Mecca. Or Hong Kong and it guarantees a certain autonomy.

The offer continues to frustrate the Taiwanese authorities, with Chai accurately pointing to Beijing’s increasingly transparent control over Hong Kong in response to the 2019 protests and recent political changes: Beijing officials have also strayed from the path of political and economic development that began decades ago.

Referring to the growing tensions with Beijing, Chai said today that “the Taiwanese should not be subjected to pressure.”

The president said that was the future Taiwan “Decisions must be made at the discretion of the Taiwanese” after opposition to renewed commitment to democracy and independence or opposition to invasion or invasion efforts.

Defender L ‘Status’

Regarding relations with Beijing – which, according to the Taiwanese defense minister, “goes through their worst moment in 40 years” -, Tsai assured that there would be no change in position. Taiwan: “We demand to maintain the ‘current status quo’ and do everything possible to ensure that it is not unilaterally changed.”

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The policy, which has been in place since 2016, stated that “to resolve differences (with China), both sides need to enter into a dialogue based on equality.”

Despite this outspoken outstretched hand, Sai admitted it Taiwan “This is a much more complex and different situation than at any other time in the last 72 years,” he said, adding that the Kuomintang Nationalists (KMT) lost the civil war against the Communists and retreated to the island, where they continued the ROC regime, finally turning to democracy in the 1990s.

Despite these changes and the “warning of the expansion of the dictatorship,” the island’s president assured that “more and more democratic friends are ready” to support Taiwan, highlighting the progress of relations with Japan, the United States or the Union. European.

In Washington, Tokyo, Canberra and Brussels, Taiwan It is no longer on the sidelines. (…) Taiwan is no longer seen as ‘Asia’s orphan’, but as an island of resistance that can face challenges with courage. “

Of course, Taiwan’s success – leading semiconductors and leading industries in one of the best controlled areas – acknowledged that there are other consequences: “The more we achieve, the more we face pressure.” China. We do not have the privilege of reducing our security. ”

(With information from EFE)

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