March 25, 2023

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Tuesday: ‘Noah’s Ark’ Elon Musk with a thousand rockets

Colonial project Marte By Elon Musk They are serious and the Chancellor wants to do it in an “unusual” way.

According to the account Elon Musk On his Twitter account, he wants to create a kind ‘Noah’s arkMore modern A thousand rockets Starship What do you produce in your company? SpaceX.

Philosophical method

Twitter thread of Elon Musk It started with thinking about life.

“What’s outside of our universe? Is it possible for us humans to ever meet him? Can we know what’s on the other side of a video game character game?

To do this, he says, one of his maximum plans is to expel humans from the planet.

“The multiplication of life expands the scope and scope of consciousness. It allows the biosphere to support itself, protecting all life from disaster on Earth.” “Humanity is the administrator of life, because no other creature can carry life Marte. We cannot defeat them. “

“Noah’s Ark”

In order to create this colony Marte, Transportation to the planet is essential. Here comes the action Star ship, The ships it produces SpaceX, Space Company Elon Musk

“What plan?” A user asked. “Build over 1000 Starship To carry on with life Marte “, The Chancellor replied. “Basically, a (very) modern Noah’s ark”.

SpaceX Wants Send humans Marte This decade. However, to do this, you must first pass the first test Starship: Until now, It has not yet flown into its first orbit on the planet.

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