March 25, 2023

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‘Underground world’ with creatures not found in China | Description | EC stories | The world

A team of scientists has discovered an ancient forest beneath a large karst sinking. According to experts, the trench is 192 meters deep and 150 meters wide.

Although it is very attractive, what is the biggest surprise Inside the pit there is a chance to live creatures never seen before.

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Last Friday, May 6, a trip by a team from the Karst Geological Institute of Geological Survey. It carried out surveys of the area.

Honestly, Scientists have visited the Guangxi Autonomous Region near the village of Pinge in southern China.Due to the large groove they saw in the satellite images.

When they got to the spot, the group descended over 100 meters and walked for several hours until they reached the bottom of this magical site.

The group’s chairman, Chen Lix, told the Chinese media ‘Xinhua’ Inside they found an “ancient forest” and some plants were up to the shoulder.

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Lixin stressed that the discovery of unknown creatures was nothing new: “I am not surprised to find species in these caves that have not yet been scientifically reported or described.”

More drowning?

This place is located near the village of Ping’e in the south of China. / iStock

The answer is yes. According to ‘Deutsche Welle’, The number of sinkers is 30 Also they are called ‘Tiankeng’, which means ‘heavenly pit’.

Moreover, this part of China is known for having geological features that form large craters. According to the portal ‘LiveScience’, these places are due “Has been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List”.

George Wayne, director of the National Institute for Cave and Karst Research, told the portal.“China has an incredibly spectacular karst, like huge sinkholes and gigantic cave entrances.”

“In other parts of the world you walk through the karst and you don’t really notice anything,” he added.

These types of pits can also be found in Mexico and Papua New Guinea.. In most cases they act as water sources.

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