December 4, 2022

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United Kingdom | A young woman is paralyzed after receiving a drink from a man in a bar: “She was caught” | NTC | The world

Millie Dublin, an 18-year-old girl, was subjected to a harsh episode the night she first met her friends at the Moo Moo Bar in Southend (Essex County). . The woman received a drink from a stranger and was taken to a medical center.

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According to international media, the young woman’s mother, Claire Dublin, released a video of her daughter lying paralyzed in a hospital bed with fingers, face and wrists pressed.

After receiving a drink from a stranger, Millie Dublin began to feel unwell and lost the ability to walk and talk for a while. He lost control of his arms and legs. Later, the young woman was taken to a medical center unconscious.

“It’s absolutely horrible. She seemed to be captured. I looked at her and thought, ‘What a horrible thing they did to her’ because I had never seen anything like this in my life. She was completely frozen and her hands were like nails.”Mom said.

Apparently, a man known to Millie’s friends came to her desk to give her vodka and lemonade. Within five minutes of receiving it, he began to feel worse.

Millie vomited and gradually had no reaction. Also, he could not speak or see. Friends at the bar called her older sister, who came to the area and took her to the hospital.

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The mother, who was very reluctant to upload pictures, invited people not to accept anything from others. Be careful when you go out. My daughter is very lucky because her friends did the right thing. “He said on Facebook.

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The incident happened on Saturday, July 31 and the young woman was admitted to the hospital until Sunday. Essex police are conducting their respective investigations. Moo Moo Bar said in a statement that its employees had been notified of the attack and that they supported the officers.

Ml He described what he experienced after the event: “I felt bad and took a little breath (…) Then I got sick and then I started to lose sensation in my arms and legs. Then my hands started to lock”.

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