June 3, 2023

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United Kingdom | Faiz Siddiqui: He is 41 years old, he is unemployed, his parents sued in his favor: What the judge decided | London | EC stories | The world

A 41-year-old man became famous in March of this year for an extraordinary fact: he wanted his parents to support him because he had no job. To confirm his claim, he appealed to the judge to pay him a large sum each month. But he failed in the legal battle. The protagonist of the story is Faiz Siddique , Will not receive anything from the parents by the resolution of justice.

The case was dismissed directly by the Court of Appeal. The judge, Lord Justice Underhill, forcibly ruled: “No matter how serious their children’s need is, parents have no legal obligation to support them.”

What a puzzle in that case Siddique studied at Oxford and is a qualified lawyer. However, he has been out of work since 2011.

In recent years, the man has lived in his parents’ மில்லியன் 1 million apartment near Hyde Park in London. He also had access to their money to pay for his housing and utility expenses.

His parents, Javed, 71, and Rakshanda, 69, had been supportive of him for so many years. Due to a disagreement in the family, the amount of money his son gave him to live on was reduced And it caused conflict.

“These long-term parents have their own vision of what is adequately arranged for their child who is tough, demanding and stubborn,” they said angrily before the judge.

Faisal Siddique

The lawyer who confronted this fact, according to the site, confirmed that the responsibility was theirs because they made him “dependent”. Glass. He further added that he wanted to make it clear that his parents were “extremely rich” and that he did not have the resources to defend himself. A “vulnerable adult.

Siddique holds a second-grade high school degree from Prosenos College and a master’s degree in taxation. But, Four years ago he sued the University of Oxford for one million pounds, The reason he did not get a first class degree was because the teaching he received was “not enough”. In 2018 the request was rejected by a High Court judge.

Faiz Siddiqui, 41, was sentenced by a judge (Photo: Courtesy The Mirror)
Faiz Siddiqui, 41, was sentenced by a judge (Photo: Courtesy The Mirror)

Until 2011, he worked for various law and accounting firms, while at the same time being surrounded by facilities on his parents’ property. Now the reality has changed and as a result of the judge’s verdict, he has to look for work again to support himself. And it Your parents will not want to pay you regularly After he brought them to court.

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