March 25, 2023

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Uruguay: A teenager was abused by her grandfather, father and uncle from the age of 5 EC Stories | The world

The outrageous news of the rape of minors has shocked the people of the city of Byzantium. .

As announced by the National Police Uruguay To the local media, the 14-year-old condemned in July 2020 that she had been abused by her three main fathers for more than a decade.

Identity: Jaycee Dugard’s trial: she was abducted for 18 years, lived a dream of abuse and was accidentally saved.

Now, after a year of trial, the Uruguayan judiciary has ruled that the grandfather, father and uncle deserve to be charged with rape, repression and sexual abuse.

All three defendants were sent to a detention center for 180 days until the date of the oral hearing to determine their sentence.

According to the Uruguayan newspaper “El Telegrapho”, the teenager was repeatedly sexually abused in her own home due to her father’s criminal protection.

Apparently, parents guaranteed minor peace of mind during physical abuse.

According to an initial report in the Judiciary, the victim’s mother was unaware of the plight of her daughter’s family home. Nevertheless, considering the circumstances, the authorities decided that the minor should be in their custody while the case is being defined.

“The justice system understood that the mother was caring for her (…) and handed it over to the INAU (Uruguay National Institute of Child and Adolescence) with the support of the mother and daughter vice and psycho-emotional.” , Pablo Abdala, the company’s chairman, commented on the Channel 10 news broadcast.

Anxious tendency

What happened to this teenager was that the increasing number of attacks on girls again put the magnifying glass on worry. Uruguay.

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According to the Comprehensive Organization for the Protection of Children and Adolescents Against Violence (SIPIAV), 4,911 cases of child and adolescent abuse were reported in 2020. Of these data, 933 alarms were responded to by victims of sexual abuse.

The saddest thing is that, according to the same balance, 9 out of 10 miners are direct relatives.


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