August 8, 2022

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US congratulates Castillo in Point Pedro and asks for “constructive role” for Venezuela and Cuba

Head of Diplomacy United States, Anthony BlinkCongratulations on being elected President on Monday, July 26th Peru, Point Pedro Castillo, In a phone call, the secretariat said it expects “constructive role” from him in relation to Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua.

In the call, Blinken “The Peruvian people congratulated their electoral process, a sign of a strong and vibrant democracy.”The spokesman said Net price.

“He thanked Peru for its support of the crisis in Venezuela and expressed his hope that it would continue to play a constructive role in resolving the deteriorating situation in Cuba and Nicaragua,” he added in a statement.

A week before that, 51-year-old Castillo stepped down as Venezuelan ruler Nicola Maduro By ruling that his government is going to copy the foreign “models” that some political and business sectors in Peru fear.

“I reject the fact that we are going to bring in samples from other countries. We are not savages, we are not communists, we are not extremists, we are very few terrorists. “Said the school teacher.

The Secretary of State also reiterated support United States To cross Peru International spread Of Corona virus He praised their efforts in the fight against illegal mining Drug trafficking, Human trafficking and Corruption.

When will the president-elect take office this Wednesday? Peru Recalls Twenty years of its independence.

Castillo was elected president on July 19 by an election arbitral tribunal, It took a month and a half to reconsider the voting challenges and appeals before declaring him the winner Ballot June 6 vs. Right Keiko Fujimori.

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