March 25, 2023

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USA | Florida | The inexperienced passenger landed the plane as the pilot fainted | The world

It’s like a movie! This is the scene where two passengers on a private plane make an emergency landing () This Tuesday, May 10th.

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Due to a situation with the pilot, one of the passengers on board the Cessna 208 had to take control, contact the station and land safely without any prior flight experience.

In the audio broadcast by the American media ‘CNN’, you can hear the connection between the tower and the man controlling the plane.

“I have a very serious situation here. My pilot is unsuitable and I do not know how to fly the plane, but we are at 9,100 feet,” he says at first.

After a few seconds, the tower answers the call for help and asks the location of the plane, however, the unidentified person reiterates that he does not know this information because it is his first experience.

At that point, the passenger explains to the conductor that the pilot is unconscious and thus unable to land the aircraft. So the tower commander tells him to “keep the wings fixed” and “try a landing maneuver”.

The plane made a slow landing on the runway. (Photo: iStock)

To the surprise of many, the operation was completely successful and the plane was able to land smoothly on the airport highway. FloridaWithout any injury.

Another traffic controller even explained to his colleagues what had happened: “You just saw two passengers landing the plane”, to which they replied: “Did you say the passengers landed the plane? God. Good job”.

But why was the co-pilot not present at the time of the incident? According to a media analyst mentioned above, since it is a private jet, it is very common for a pilot and passengers to fly alone.

The Federal Aviation Administration, for its part, promised that the pilot had a “potential medical problem” and that they would investigate the case.

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