February 2, 2023

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USA | Kenneth Stouhg Jr .: DNA in beer given to a murderer who committed a crime 25 years ago | EC stories | The world

DNA evidence collected from a beer can at the Orange County store in central Florida in 1996 helped a man get drunk and throw it in the trash. .

Kenneth Stoke Jr.54, was arrested Tuesday in the aforementioned district and charged 25 years after brutally stabbing a Champ employee to death at a small convenience store.

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What happened 25 years ago?

In 1996, a complaint was lodged with the police Murder It happened at a store in Orange County, Florida (USA).

The heinous crime committed with 73 Punching On the victim, he was hanged in one of the bathrooms of the place.

Brian Savelli, Detective of the County Sheriff’s Office Orange, Said: “The man was stabbed 73 times. More on his torso, and his throat was actually cut. It was a very horrible and violent scene.

“The front door key cylinder, the door push bar, the back of the counter lottery machine and the cooler freezer handle were submitted to the Florida Law Enforcement Department in 1996 for analysis.Released the TV station “Gro 7”.

The Lill Champ grocery store in Orlando was shown on the morning of February 3, 1996. (Photo: Orange County Sheriff’s Office).

However, at the time, Research They were defined by technical issues.

So, detectives learned that some of the victims in the blood were Terence Packett, the blood of a store clerk, but the rest were from another man who was anonymous.

Despite the efforts of detectives to find the perpetrator Attack, Everything was filed as a “Gold Case”.

“The case was reopened in 2003 and investigators used genetic technology to identify the culprit,” the media reported.

Who was behind the question?

In 2021, the authorities in charge of the investigation found a strong clue through a hereditary database.

Accused attitude Suspicious The ‘radar’ was closed to two people: Kenneth Soph Jr. and Carol Ann Crawford, a couple with a regular life.

Investigations to find the suspects have therefore been initiated. Kenneth Stuff Jr. lived in Eustace, Florida.

Detectives followed and found the perfect opportunity to unmask Guilty.

A can of beer solves the case

Kenneth Stuff Jr. was drinking a beer that marked the beginning of his sentence.

When the suspect finished drinking, he threw the container in the trash.

The police who spied on him took the can and passed DNA testing, Which strongly correlated with blood samples taken at the scene of that heinous crime many years ago.

According to various local media reviews, the suspect faces first-degree murder and robbery charges with terror weapons.

Orange County Sheriff John Mina noted: “Just because we have not been arrested in a case in a day or a few weeks or a few months, does not mean we are leaving the victims and their families.”

Meena herself said: Justice It will sometimes come 25 years late, but it will come.

Paquette case files.  (Photo: Orange County Sheriff's Office).
Paquette case files. (Photo: Orange County Sheriff’s Office).

Additional details of the 1996 crime

Everything indicates that the horrible outcome began as a robbery.

The victim, Pocket, was doing his morning chores on that bad day.

He arrived at the shop called Lil Champ from 5am to 6pm as usual.

Private laboratory ஒத்திரம், Who specializes in genetic genetics, said in a statement that Backwet “went to Orlando a few years ago, worked 60 hours a week, and did not have many known associates.”

Someone who passed by the store gave notice that something strange was happening.

When officers arrived at the scene, they noticed two vehicles at the entrance waiting for the backpack to collect the store deposit.

And that was the place The victim’s car is parked, A clear sign that he was engaged in the business of serving them. After several attempts and unanswered calls inside the store, the agents decided to enter inside.

The victim's car.  (Photo: Orange County Sheriff's Office).
The victim’s car. (Photo: Orange County Sheriff’s Office).

“A Lill ‘Champ employee who lived nearby drove away and saw a growing police presence,” the affidavit said.

“The person who closed the shop the night before provided the agents with a key to enter,” the ‘Gro 7’ TV news reported.

It was at that point that officers discovered Body Lying on the ground, they noticed that the killer had stolen a thousand dollars (more than 3.8 million Colombian pesos at the current exchange rate).

Over time the gruesome scene has been described in many ways and forensic reports have been filled with spider webs. They were lost in oblivion.

Was murdered. Also a mobile – alleged theft – and thousands of marks of fighting and assault. However, nothing was enough to settle the case.

Except unexpectedly: an innocent beer can arrived 25 years later ‘To bear his testimony’.


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