June 3, 2023

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USA | Malika Diane Bennett | A four-year-old girl died of exhaustion after being kept by her mother for three days NNDC | The world

Residents of North Carolina in the United States have forced a 4-year-old girl to stand trial for three days after she made public her death at the hands of her own mother.

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The discovery took place in May this year. Malika Diane Bennett, 31, is accused of ending the life of Majelic “Jelly”. According to , Unable to bear the exhaustion she was dragging, hit the little girl on the head as she fell to the ground.

Bennett wanted to hide the evidence by burying the body of his first child in the garden of his home, but authorities were able to find the grave dug at a small depth.

In September 2020, the girl was reported missing.

A month later, Mom “Jelly” Had to appear in court for the crime “Murder in the first degree”, But the trial should be adjourned until next December 9th. The woman is accused of child abuse and covering up her daughter’s death.

An autopsy revealed that the girl was malnourished, abused and had acetone and ethanol in her body. They also collected details about what Magical He was last seen playing at his home in Charlotte in September 2020.

How happy 4-year-old Majestic “Jelly” was before she left her own mother. (Photo: Capture)

“Toxicological analysis of the bloody liquid sample obtained at the autopsy of the pleural cavity showed a positive presence of acetone and showed ethanol content of 80 mg / dL”The report said.

“The presence of acetone and ethanol may cause decomposition”He adds.

According to the sister, “Jelly” She had difficulty breathing while trying to execute the sentence, and her small body hit her head on the ground, unable to bear it. He passed away on the same day.

Thus the young woman told the police Malika Diane BennettHis mother kept Mejelik’s body in plastic bags and hid it in the trunk of his vehicle for five days, before which he dug a pit and buried the body.

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