February 2, 2023

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USA: Millionaire’s son kills woman with his Lamborghini, but will not go to jail | Los Angeles | EC stories | The world

Brendan Curie’s teenage son, a millionaire businessman , Crashed in February 2020 in Los Angeles while driving a Lamborghini at high speed. A 32-year-old woman was killed in the incident.

Last Thursday, The young man avoided imprisonment And obtained, instead, the sentence passed between 7 and 9 months in a youth camp for 18-year-olds. The victim’s family questioned the verdict, believing he was responsible for the crash He must have tried as an adult, and he received special treatment for being the son of a powerful man.

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The accident happened on the night of February 17, 2020, When son Mark, His name did not come out because he was underage, he was 17 years old. According to the Los Angeles Times, the boy was driving his sophisticated car with his girlfriend at high speed. 160 km / h When he hit the four-door Lexus he was driving Monique Munoz, 32 years old.

The accident happened west of the city Angels, On Olympic Boulevard Overland Avenue, And the impact force is in practice, the report says Munoz’s car was cut in half and he died on the spot when he returned from work.

Judge Inglewood Juvenile Court (West Los Angeles Town), Sabina Heldon The boy was remanded in custody for four days and immediately after the trial Statements by the teenager, her mother and relatives and friends of the victim.

The driver pleaded guilty Vehicle homicide charge in April, But his sentencing hearing sparked protests outside the juvenile court building by friends and family of Munoz. People close to the victim accused the teenager of being an adult. “Adult actions should be punished as adults”Posters displayed by protesters Near the court complex.

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Monique Munas, 32, was returning from work in her four-door Lexus on the night of February 17, 2020, when she was attacked by Curi’s son Lamborghini and died at the scene. (Photo: CBS Los Angeles)

Of relatives Munos They pointed out that the young driver received special treatment because his family was wealthy and had all sorts of contacts. They also said the teenager was not immediately charged with his father’s money and influence. Forbes Described as a millionaire, owner of several real estate companies, factories of various products and e-commerce businesses.

Testimony of the driver and the victim’s family

“Please know from the bottom of my heart that I am very sorry. I hate myself, I’m so ashamed of what I did. I broke inside. Sometimes I just don’t want to live“The young defendant in court said with tears in his eyes.

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The young man’s cry was not taken seriously by the victim’s relatives. Before this fatal accident, The millionaire’s son has been cited twice for speeding in Beverly Hills. Even the reason for revoking his driving license. In addition, Los Angeles police officers also noted Social WebsitesShortly before the catastrophic crash, the boy climbed up Photos of him talking about participating in street races or fights.

Before the judge Heldon Given his rule, many of Munos’ relatives spoke and showed him pictures of the accident. ‘S mother Monique Munoz, Carol Cardona, He asked the magistrate to give the girl maximum punishment. I am going to ask the court to give justice to my daughter. She deserves it. My life is not the same, it will not always be“, He pointed to the pressure.

Monk Munoz's family and friends asked him to try the teenager as an adult, something that did not happen.  (Photo: Los Angeles Times)
Monk Munoz’s family and friends asked him to try the teenager as an adult, something that did not happen. (Photo: Los Angeles Times)

If he is interrogated as an adult, the penalty imposed on its driver Lamborghini Would have been Six years in prison. Judgment of the Judge HeldonHowever, the most severe that can be given to a minor for the act committed.

The judge considered that there was one “Continuing irresponsibility” In the actions of the boy. His parents, who paid for the removal of the Lamborghini from the warehouse, were surprised at the weeks leading up to the dangerous accident, They can provide the supervision needed to correct that young man’s behavior.

At the end of the justice process, the victim’s uncle, Richard Cartier, Told reporters at the door of the court: “This guy He is a runner and a killer. That’s it. He wanted to kill someone, and in the end he did: I killed my daughter-in-law. He got a candy sentence and he is going to execute it in camp Snoopy. And I no longer have a daughter-in-law. When she was gone, my soul went with her. “


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