November 27, 2022

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USA | The girl died after being forgotten by her father in the car for 7 hours Somerset | Beatrice Leisant | New Jersey | Description | EC Stories | the world

A 2-year-old girl died after spending about seven hours inside a car in mid-summer. Minor left in vehicle by father.

Authorities are investigating the case. Not confirmed yet A minor cause of death. The names of the father and the deceased girl have not been released.

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On Tuesday, August 30, local media reported a tragic case in a municipality in the province. SomersetNew Jersey is located in the Northeast America.

Obviously, The girl’s father forgot her in the car About seven hours. Neighbors say the vehicle was parked in front of the home’s garage. From where the man would have gone to unlock the car around 2:00 p.m He painfully pulled the girl out.

Megan Kingston, a neighbor from the fire department who observed the situation from her home – interviewed by the ‘Daily Mail’ – practiced CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) maneuvers on the girl for more than 15 minutes as she was unresponsive.

together with father, They put an ice pack behind his neckAs the girl’s body temperature was very high.

The girl’s mother Beatrice Leisand, Around 2:45 pm she came home shocked. Witnesses described the parents as devastated after the incidents; His cries were heard throughout the neighborhood.

Despite being transferred by ambulance to a specialist pediatric trauma hospital, the girl died. Authorities have not yet released the girl’s name or her father’s name. The exact cause of death is also unknown.