May 30, 2023

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USA: Thousands of flights canceled due to blizzard in the Northeast

Over 4,600 Flights This Saturday has been canceled by the powerful Storm Snowfall, described as a hurricane, blows northeast To us Temperatures below zero degrees Celsius and strong winds.

New York 12:00 (17:00 GMT) 4 624 local time Flights Canceled in the country, according to tracking site FlightAware.

A total of 891 were canceled at JFK Airport New YorkAnother 556 people were detained at LaGuardia Airport in New York and up to 608 at Newark Airport in the neighboring state of New Jersey.

Jackie Bray, director of New York Emergency Services, told a news conference today that 76% of flights at JFK and 90% at LaGuardia had been canceled, while Neark had landed 85% of the flights they had planned. Travel.

“A combination of severe snowfall and strong winds could pose a risk Snow storms The Central Atlantic Ocean and (part of New England), from Virginia to East Maine “, the National Weather Service warned,” Travel in these areas will be almost impossible today due to conditions.

On the other hand, the Director of the Municipal Transport Authority New YorkJanno Lieber noted that only two subway lanes in New York were closed due to snow and bus service was not disrupted.

He pointed out, however, that all trains on the routes to Long Island have been precautionarily suspended, although he hopes the service will resume tomorrow.

And, so far, supply to half a thousand homes has been disrupted New YorkAccording to the CBS channel, reaches tens of thousands in the state of Massachusetts.

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It is expected to be in several areas Snow Reaches 30 cm and 60 cm in such places MassachusettsIncluding the metropolitan area of ​​Boston, its capital.

Governor New YorkKatherin Hochul, also warned that temperatures as low as minus 10 degrees and cold winds would prevail throughout the night and that citizens should be cautious and avoid displacement, as officials in other states did.

From Virginia to Rhode Island, passing New Jersey Y New YorkPolicymakers have declared a state of emergency and many services and companies have announced they will not open their doors today.


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