February 2, 2023

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USA: Vaccine required to enter New York restaurants or gyms

City New York (EE.UU) Proof will be required Vaccine against Govt-19 As Mayor Bill de Blasio announced Tuesday, anyone wishing to dine inside the restaurant should enter the concert hall or use the gym.

“People are going to get a very clear message: if you want to be fully involved in our community, you need to be vaccinated,” de Blasio told a news conference, emphasizing the importance of more citizens taking this step. Delta variant Of Corona virus.

New York Is the first city United States It announces these types of needs, which seek to give a new impetus to the vaccination campaign, which has declined in recent months due to the reluctance of many citizens to be vaccinated.

New York benefits from the vaccine

The movement comes after some important chains Restaurants or gyms, As well as Broadway theaters, announced that they were going to start testing their clients Vaccine. De Blasio highlighted the “leadership” shown by the private sector and defended the need to support it “with clear mandates”.

The mayor explained that the new policy would “require workers and clients of the hotel business, fitness or indoor recreation to be vaccinated”, with at least one dose for anyone not allowed to enter any business of this type.

“Unless you get vaccinated, unfortunately you will not be able to participate in many things,” the mayor stressed, adding that he intended the new operation in the city. New York It’s time to stop Delta variant It is now vaccinating. “

In the hospitality industry, those who have not been vaccinated can be treated on the terraces, which has been used by most companies since the outbreak. COVID-19.

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It is planned to divide the new rules New York They will be fully operational by mid-September, after a transition period beginning this month.

The New York City Council has already announced in recent days that municipal employees must be vaccinated or subjected to weekly checks, while at the same time announcing a $ 100 incentive for any citizen who comes to take the first dose at a public center. (EFE)

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