December 4, 2022

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Uvalde | Texas Shooting | Salvador Ramos | 77 minutes of horror: New video shows slow police response during massacre in Uvalde | Video | Shooting in America | Rob Elementary School | the world

Newspaper Police on Tuesday released portions of surveillance camera video showing officers retreating and waiting in a corridor. Inside , The fatal May 24 shooting was ongoing.

The footage shows the shooter, who was later identified Salvador Ramos, 18, walks unopposed down the hall with a semi-automatic rifle. Gunshots are heard as the shooter enters a classroom, and a minor is seen running across the hall.

Meera: Texas: Uvalde School District Police Chief Fired

can be found at Officers — local, state and federal, heavily armed and wearing bulletproof vests, helmets and, in some cases, shields — flee at first sight. It seems against you.

You can find them below Walking back and forth on the sidewalkSome go out of frame and reappear later.

Others point their guns at the classroom, talking, calling on mobile phones, sending texts or looking at maps. No one enters or tries to enter the classroom.

45 minutes after the police arrived and after hearing the last shots, they are still waiting.

An hour and 14 minutes had passed when federal agents finally entered Ramos’ cell and killed him. Since the arrival of the authorities. By then the shooter had killed 19 children and two teachers and wounded 17 others.

The video was published by the newspaper during the legislative session of Texas Next Sunday, it plans to screen the complete recording, more than an hour long, to relatives of the victims and later to the public.

“We will first meet with community members and give them an opportunity to view the hallway video and discuss our initial report. Soon, we will release both items to the public. State Rep. Dustin Burrows, who chairs the inquiry, said on Twitter Tuesday.

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