February 2, 2023

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Uzbekistan | Horror at the zoo: The woman who threw her three-year-old daughter in a bear cage | Description | EC stories | The world

A tragic incident took place last Friday at a zoo in the capital Tashkent . A woman throws her three-year-old daughter into a bear cage. Fortunately, the animal did not harm her, it just sniffed her and moved.

Based on the account of various witnesses who witnessed the scene and its clarification on its Facebook account, the situation became known in the last hours.

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Eyewitnesses said the attack was carried out for unknown reasons. The woman started fighting with her daughter and lifted her over the security fence. Although some people there tried to stop, Was able to put the little girl in the cage of a brown bear.

The girl was not injured as the staff of the place immediately went there and disposed of the animal. Fortunately, The bear came closer, sniffed her and went in the opposite direction.

Bear from Zuzu, Uzbekistan Zoo. (Facebook Tashkent Zoo).

The girl was immediately rescued And was treated by the medical service. There, they dHe was injured when he fell from a height of more than five meters, But it was not actually attacked by the beast.

The zoo said it would accept the medical cost. In the meantime, The woman was arrested for attempted murder. The incident is being investigated.

Through its official Facebook account, the place described what happened. “Something very shocking happened at our zoo … today, January 28, at 12 noon, for unknown reasons, A young woman throws a woman in a bear cage in front of a crowd”, Begins the review.

Subsequently, the report warned of the dangers that this move would represent: “If a bear treats an abandoned child like prey, it would be horrible to think of how it would end.”.

“A Caucasian brown bear, nickname Zeus lay in his cage and saw a woman throwing the woman at him. Above a metal fence. Despite the efforts of our guests and staff, we could not stop her. “

In the same line, The zoo exemplified the attitude of animals when looking at a woman And the quick action of the staff to attract it in the opposite direction and avoid any kind of attack.

They also said in detail Only from injuries fall They also described the bear’s actions and the treatment it receives: “This incident clearly shows that our bear juice is a quiet predator that does not get angry at people. We also want to highlight how our staff treated him well. “

Finally, after wishing the girl a speedy recovery and clarifying that the police were working on an investigation into what had happened, the institution calculated the time the animal was at the scene to make it clear that they had no problem with it. He: “Zuzu came to us in 2017 from the Baku Zoo He immediately fell in love with our entire team because of his openness, joy and love for people.


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