February 9, 2023

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Valentina Trespalacios: Who is the woman found dead in Bogota, Fontibón | DJ | Colombia | Story | EC Stories | the world

On Sunday, January 22, an unfortunate discovery was made in the neighborhood of Los Campos in the city of Fontibon (Bogotá): The well-known 23-year-old DJ was found inside a suitcase.

According to the first versions of the authorities, the body of the young woman was found by a recycler passing through the sector. Inside a blue suitcase, it was inside a garbage container Located near West Los Campos Park Bogota.

Meera: Female DJ Valentina Trespalacios Found Dead in Bogotá: It’s Known

“She appeared in a suitcase (…) She went out partying with her American fiance on Friday and Saturday, so she shared WhatsApp messages while she was at the disco”Carlos Trespalacios, the young woman’s uncle, spoke to Blue Radio.

So far, the main suspect is the victim’s boyfriend, with whom, according to relatives, she used to chat from Friday to Saturday. Also, he was one of the last people to see her alive.

The man had been dating Trespalacios for over a year, and according to the young woman’s uncle to the aforementioned radio station, “they had so many plans” that they “didn’t understand what could have happened.” So far, there is no trace of him.

What is known so far is that although the body has already been exhumed, they are trying to clarify the cause of DJ’s death. The definitive cause of Trespalacios’ death must be determined by a forensic pathologist. The first report of the case indicated that the young woman’s body had a ‘pressure crater in the hyoid area’, which experts suggest is seen in cases of hanging.

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Officers, for their part, are working with security cameras in the area to identify alleged criminals and gather information from potential witnesses. Likewise, Columbia Immigration seeks to determine whether the victim’s boyfriend, a U.S. citizen, has left the country.

Who is Valentina Trespalatios?

At just 23 years old, VALENTINA TRESPALASIOS He has built a promising career as a DJ: his followers on social networks, his time in many famous clubs in the country and his music projects on digital platforms confirm his successful career in the industry.

Her recognition was not limited to the national level, Valentina also traveled to other parts of the South American continent. “He had a promising future, so he was all over the country, in the best nightclubs. I went to many parts of South America: Chile, Mexico, Brazil, Peru.” The teenager’s uncle explained to ‘Blue Radio’.

On social networks, for example, it had more than 16,000 followers and almost 10,000 on Facebook. There he not only shared information about his deals, but also his travels to countries like Mexico and Chile. According to his uncle, he was a DJ for about four years.

Among the victim’s possessions was a Technical Student Card for International Trade and Business of UNINPAHU University. (Photo: Valentina Trespalacios Facebook).

The young woman’s possession of a technical student card in international trade and commerce from Unipahu University was also in her possession, and this information was now verified at the Education Center.