March 25, 2023

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Vanner Johnson | Donna Johnson | United States: DNA tested for couple fun, but results destroyed them World

In vitro fertilization is a well-known option among couples to conceive a child.

“This is the best form of assisted reproductive technology”, According to the Mayo Clinic website. It involves fertilizing eggs with sperm directly in the laboratory.

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However, this process was not successful for a family because, despite having a son, they discovered that he was 10 years later. Different biological parents.

“There were so many emotions we had to overcome, including the separation of our son’s love. It hasn’t changed. How could this mistake have happened, why did it happen, what do we do now? Wonders American Vanner Johnson.

The man got married Donna Johnson. The couple longed for a second child, but it was not born naturally.

So they started the in vitro fertilization process in 2007 at the Center for Reproductive Medicine at the University of Utah in the United States.

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The younger was born and made their life happier. The DNA kit caught their attention in the ‘arrival’ and ‘arrival’ of their lives, so a few months ago they did it for ‘fun’.


The results came into your hands a month after training.

They were surprised to find that it indicated: “My results say I have two children and our eldest son is a younger brother. We know something is wrong there.”, He thought Donna Johnson In an interview with ‘ABC’.

The female’s eggs are fertilized Sperm from another person.

They have no choice but to confront the situation and tell the little one what they have found. The couple took him out for ice cream and a ride in the car.

“I said, ‘Something seems to have happened. We don’t know what happened, but I’m not really your biological father.’ He looked at me and said ‘Really?’, Wanner told the aforementioned media.


Father’s search

The little boy underwent further DNA tests, and through family investigations, they found the biological father: Devin McNeill.

McNeill and his wife, Kelly, studied at the University of Utah Center for Reproductive Medicine.

“There was a date when we were in the clinic at the same time. I was doing transplants so they put my fetus back in. She (Donna Johnson) was recovering when she took her eggs. We believe it happened almost 14 years ago. Record Kelly McNeill.

Legal activities

Minor has already met his biological father who lives there Colorado, USA.

Meanwhile, the Johnson family decided to maintain parental rights in Wanner. In addition, both couples are preparing lawsuits against the lab.

If patients come to us with questions or concerns about their care, we will evaluate our care and practices and, if necessary, make changes to avoid harming other patients. Our suppliers and staff strive to provide the best care, and we continue to work to improve. ” The University of Utah is mentioned on the ‘ABC’ network.


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