February 9, 2023

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Venezuela: Nicolas Maduro instructs Venezuelan immigrants to implement Vulta a la Batria project in Chile | Iquique | Racism | The world

Nicolas Maduro ordered the implementation of the Vulta a la Batria project for the repatriation of citizens. In Chile. The announcement came a day after a group of protesters in Chile set fire to dangerous items belonging to immigrants, its vice-president Delcy Rodriguez said on Sunday.

“President Nicolas Maduro has ordered the implementation of our brothers’ Vulta a la Batria project,” the official said in his account. , He shared a video collecting incidents of violence that took place on Saturday.

He noted The Savista government rejects racism and aggression Against Venezuelan immigrants. It also demanded that Chilean national and local authorities respect the physical and psychological integrity of nationalists.

Chile Lawyer’s Office Began an investigation into a violent attack on undocumented Venezuelan immigrants, A fact condemned by the United Nations Children’s Fund and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

The demonstration rallied thousands of people, with anti-immigrant slogans and Chilean flags and posters protesting the growing influx of Iguana immigrants.

Amid racist shouts, a group set fire to the belongings of immigrants camped on the streets and police prevented them from being beaten by the mob.

Joaquin Pacheco, a lawyer in the city of Iquique, instructed investigative police to find out what happened, according to a message on the Twitter account of the Tarabes region’s attorney’s office this Sunday.

Pacheco also ordered security measures for the victims. About 16 immigrants, including children and the elderly. They had to flee with what they could save and spend the night on the streets and beaches of Iquique.

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Immigrants react when they are evicted from Plaza Brazil in Iquique, Chile.  (Photo: Martin Bernetti / AFP)
Immigrants react when they are evicted from Plaza Brazil in Iquique, Chile. (Photo: Martin Bernetti / AFP)

“Yesterday I was very scared, with so many foreigners, children crying. Some of the protesters shouted at us and sent us back to our country. But the police blocked the streets to protect us,” Jenny, 34, told AFP.

Violent protests erupted in Iguazu after police on Friday evacuated a square where immigrant families with children were camping.

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