March 29, 2023

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Viral | A young woman from the United States describes the horrible moment she lived when her boyfriend asked her for a taxi because she did not like the way she dressed. Nikki Jobs | TikTok | USA | Stories | Nnda | nnni | The world

Having a date is special for many women, especially if you are the person you have been dating for a while and you are excited to surprise her or they are starting a relationship. In that case, the best outfit or dress that is comfortable for you and reflects your personality is usually worn. This is what he thought Nikki Jobs The person who used your account on the social network To describe the horrible moment she lived after her friend decided to order a taxi and send her home because she did not like the clothes she was wearing. His story is painful and helpless And she provoked all sorts of reactions from those who sympathized with her and asked her not to see him again in her life, even though he had told her. “I love her frantically”.

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The girl from Michigan, USA has created and used her account TikTok To share videos of the series in which he described everything that happened that night. The clip begins with pictures of her being in a car and in the exaggerated text, you can read what happened after meeting Greg, she met him on a dating app and was her boyfriend for three weeks.

“I’ll wear this to the show or go home,” I said. He said, ‘Can I call you Uber?’ Wrote and then put “So I’m on Uber”.

The questionable reaction of man

As Nicky explained, she came to a restaurant to meet and then went to a meeting with his co-workers. But she was quickly asked about the look she had chosen: high-waisted trousers, a black crop top that did not show off her belly, and a fuchsia jacket. After she was convinced that these were the clothes that made her comfortable and beautiful, there was no worse answer than telling her to go home alone in a taxi.

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In another video where he appears to be crying, the young woman points out in a speech “Now I’m laughing, but I’m trying not to cry”, Then “He was so ’embarrassed’ to see me in this outfit, so he sent me home and went to the meeting without me.”, Played in the background with Taylor Swift’s newly released song ‘All To Well’ lyrics, “Drive away patriarchy”.


Reply to @spinnyg I’ll laugh soon

All To Well (10 Minute Edition) (Taylor’s Edition) (from Vault) – Taylor Swift

Angry at your video

When he got home after such a test, Nikki recorded another video TikTok Count that “I’m so sorry, because I’m so beautiful, and he sent me home to Uber. Who’s doing that? He sent me to a stranger’s house one Friday night..

Unable to contain her tears, the woman explained that she was fascinated by combing her hair and makeup for 40 minutes and that this was not the first time she had commented on her appearance: “It started with little comments here and there over the last few weeks, ‘Why do you wear heels? I like you wearing tennis shoes. Why do you put on so much makeup? I like it when you are normal..

Nicki Jobs had been dating for three weeks, and this was the dress she wore the night her boyfriend felt embarrassed to see her. (Photo: iknikki.jabs / TikTok)

Support on TikTok after what happened

In a video, Nicky said that they had to see him again because they were already living together and had left his laptop at home. Begged her to stay. “He tried to hug me and I said no. I never touched it, I never stayed.”. She decided to end the relationship

The brilliant attitude of the young woman was appreciated TikTok He also received dozens of comments congratulating him for not submitting to a toxic person who criticized his dress code.

“There will be forgiveness and petition. Please do not ask for it, it will only get worse. You are beautiful, and you deserve it! ”,“ Remember: he was the beginning. This is the best he can be. Run. “, As read in the comments ‘Daily Mail’.