June 3, 2023

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What would you do in his place? We tell you everything. Aydee, a Colombian woman, was surprised to find that he had attacked and injured a black bear in the backyard of his house. It all happened on Thursday night, January 13, when he was walking with his dog in a residential area in Deborah, Florida. Days passed and he told what he had experienced in the midst of the controversy over animal sacrifice. This is the story that created a lot of reactions in the United States .

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The victim sustained minor injuries, scratches on the face, hands and back and was able to call 911 for assistance. An eyewitness to the incident told the Volusia District Police what happened. Thus he mentioned in his call “Bears are not afraid of humans”.

Testimony of a woman attacked by a black bear

“It simply came to our notice then. You feel like you are going to die. When I look back she is already upstairs. That’s what struck me first, I have it from here to here. “, Aydee described the scratch he sustained, which marked him from the head to the left cheekbone.

In conversation with ‘Telemundo News’, Broadcast in Instagram This January 20th, the woman said she was her pet “She’s crazy, I do not know. I’m going to release her and run away.”.

Attack intended to kill her

In the interview, the Colombian, who lives in Florida, gave further details about what happened in the backyard of his house around nine o’clock at night. “It feels like it’s catching me from behind. I’m facing the floor.”.

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She was able to be helped by a neighbor who had passed the place, and she chased the black bear away and called the authorities. The man also recorded the first recorded pictures of the woman’s health on his cell phone after the incident.

“He yells, yells, yells, and then I understand she’s (the bear) chasing the next door neighbor. That’s where I can escape., Added the confirmed victim “You feel like you’re going to die” Lives in such a situation.

Why was the animal sacrificed?

Special agents for wildlife control killed the black bear . Florida Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) officials and the district police cited “They found an adult bear with his cubs in a nearby tree” To the place where the events took place.

FWC staff fired a tranquilizer dart at the animal, which was later euthanized. The cubs were released, according to a WKMG television channel report.

This caused great controversy not only in the population of Tibery, Florida, but also on social networks, where some did not accept the killing of an animal whose cubs were considered endangered.

On Instagram account ‘Telemundo News’ In the comments, users mentioned it “They may have sent her back to her habitat”, “They did not have to sacrifice her”, “It was not the bear’s fault, she protected her cubs”, “Thanks to the most terrifying situation and the one above, nothing happened. Too bad, but to sacrifice the bear There is no need. “.

What to do if a bear attacks?

After the lawsuit, Jaime Sajeki, head of the Virginia Sports and Fisheries Department’s Black Bear project, confronted the threat and pointed out that one should not run because it would provoke a harassment response. It is best to stay calm, slowly retreat, and dominate with movements such as loud noises and applause. Call 911 as soon as possible.

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Experts from the organization ‘Bearervice’ have compiled tips to prevent black bear attacks In Telemundo’s ‘Hoi Thea’. This includes not letting pet food out in the open so they can not see or smell it; Clean and store grills, as the smell will attract bears; Warn the neighbor if animal activity or anything is found in the area.