March 25, 2023

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Viral | He bought a strange glass jar for $ 5 and found that it was worth 15 thousand USA | Stories | நந்த ண்ணி | Lateral

A real bargain. Imagine finding a glass jar at a thrift store and buying it for $ 4.99 Because it has a nice decor When you get home you realize that it is actually a piece that has been identified as rare and unique since 1902 worth $ 152. This is what happened to a man in the United States. It is singular On social media.

It is a rare Lloyd’s Argusuno glass vase with metal “oil stain” decoration and Silver blue threads, Supported on a brown background and under three spherical gold colored legs. Well-designed glass strip by renowned Austrian artist Coloman Moser, participant in the Vienna Session Movement and co-founder of Weiner Verkstad.

The rare glass vase is a testament to Coleman Moser’s artistic and technical prowess and his iconic style. Strange piece The auction will go on in TiffanyLalik & Art Class on October 28, the best part of the edition. Of the 424 locations offered, Coleman Moser’s work has been selected to decorate the cover of the auction list.

The mug is a great example of this rare and important model to come on the market. He does so after a buyer makes his strange discovery in a thrift store An exceptionally intelligent eye. On October 28 he begins the next chapter of his extraordinary story., Samantha Robinson, Traditional Director of the Fine Arts .

The Lloyd’s Arcusno glass vase was designed by Coleman Moser. (Photo: Traditional Auction)

This is not the first time someone has made an economic profit from an item purchased at a second hand store. Some antique sellers from the auction this month Leon & Turble, That Engaged in the task of finding valuables In a UK home : 16th-century “incredibly rare” food auctioned for $ 1.7 million

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